Rich’s Review

Bridlington v Scarborough Rugby.Teams battle. Picture Richard Ponter 130248a
Bridlington v Scarborough Rugby.Teams battle. Picture Richard Ponter 130248a

The views of Bridlington’s director of rugby Rich Girking after the 13-0 defeat at Scarborough

“ON A bright day, with a super playing surface, a huge crowd gathered to see two local teams vying for bragging rights.

“All the hype put to one side everyone waited with bated breath. Well, what a let down.

“Don’t get me wrong Scarborough fully deserved their victory – there I’ve said it, and yes it hurt – but the game was littered with errors of which we made more, especially our ball control which was as poor as I’ve seen it.

“To compound things, Scarborough’s points came from these turnovers. Two penalties and a try, from the only decisive break in the game, came from our errors in possession.

“Our rucking was also poor, allowing Scarborough to slow our ball down to their advantage and stop our continuity.

“All things said we still had our chances, Stevie Mellonby missed a kick he would normally put over in his sleep in the first half, and we had a try disallowed in the second half which the Scarborough spectators behind the post said was grounded.

“We also spurned two golden chances, one a glaring overlap five yards out, which could have seen us get something out of a game we didn’t deserve.

“I would like to thank Scarborough for their hospitality, and the large crowd, especialy our supporters but apologise for the performance. I promise it will be better next week against Dinnington.

“A big thank you to Jonny at Lloyd Dowson for getting together a full bus load of supporters. I’m presuming he had more on the return journey, as they had to make emergency seating arrangements,

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay long as we were celebrating with Rob Medforth on his engagement to Mollie, best wishes for the future guys.

“It was also good to see Tom Keeping there putting his illness aside to celebrate with his pal. Top man.”