Presentation night at Flamborough Head Golf Club

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THE annual prizegiving took place in front of a large crowd of junior, lady and gentlemen members.

The evening started with the teaching professional Ivan Oliver and junior organiser Carla Pawson presenting certificates and trophies to the juniors.

Next on the agenda was the Ladies presentation and after a short interval the evening continued with the men’s section awards.

Ladies’ Section:

Gillian Hirst: Burnley Trophy, Burton Trophy, Lillian Eels Trophy, Kath Cowling Bowl, EWGA Silver Medal, Farrant Trophy, RNLI Pen, Wheelhouse Trophy

Carla Pawson: Stableford Shield, Kath Pinkney Cup, Birdie Cup

Joy Richards: Jane Blake Trophy, Ina Easingwood Trophy, Sue Rivis Cancer Spoon

Mary Sunley: Jubilee Tray

Anne Massey: Veteran’s Cup

Irene Cliff: Chaplin Ceramic

Georgina Hirst: Greens Cup

Bethan Atkinson: Coronation Trophy

Val Cieslik: Kath Pinkney Rose Bowl

June Lowery: Queen Rabbit

Georgina Hirst and Bethan Atkinson: CK Brown Trophy

Joy Richards and Margery Emmerson: MacFarlane Trophy

Gillian Hirst and Joy Richards: Rose Handley Trophy

Medal Winners:

Division One: Gillian Hirst, Gina Hirst, Hilary Jewitt, Sue Rivis, Anne Massey

Division Two: Joy Richards, Val Cieslik, Sue Towse, Julia Sumner, Doreen Fawley

Sunday Medals: Maggie Thompson

Mixed Section:

Meadows Mashie: Mick and Val Cieslik

Briggs Trophy: Rod Marwood and Carla Pawson

Harold Flowers Trophy: Stephen and Gillian Hirst

Mitchell Trophy: Steve and Denise Shippey

Kathleen Cliff Trophy: Gordon Fawley and Sue Towse

Clifton Cup: George and Mary Sunley

Turner Trophy: Stephen Hirst and Carla Pawson

Men’s Section:

Medal Winners:

Division One: Ben Williams, Stephen Hirst, Kenny Miller, Martin Wood, Bill Howson, Shaun Askwith, Steve Armitage

Division Two: Martin Wood, Scott Cooper (2), Phil Cliff, Jamie Miller, Tom Lambert, Quinn Haigh

Division Three: Quinn Haigh, Keith Hanson (2), Derek Hill, Daz. Taylor, Neil Murray, Nigel Cooper.

RNLI: Stan Hodgson and Steve Porter

Pete Holloway: Brian Ackers, Brian Trim, Mike Robson, Tony Towse

Captain’s Charity: Scott Cooper, Daz Taylor, Nigel Cooper, Dale Hoggard

Coronation Cup: Geoff Wilkinson, Karen Louise: Danny Wright and Keith Hanson

Wheelhouse Trophy: Jamie Miller, Shaun Askwith, Pat O’Hare, Andy Holmes

Veteran’s Cup: Dave Hague

Sheffield Trophy: Keith Hanson

J & B Warcup Trophy: Dave Kelly and Terry Maskill

President’s Putter: Brian Ackers

KG Fawley Trophy: Phil Cliff and Dave Copley

Ingram Pinkney Cup: Bill Tose and Alan Waites

W. Fisher Trophy: Steve Barker and Kenny Miller

Churchill Trophy: Keith Hanson

Heaton Trophy: Martin Wood

Division One Scratch: Bill Howson

Division Two Scratch: Jamie Miller

Division Three Scratch: Neil Murray

Edgington Trophy: (mixed) Stephen and Gillian Hirst

Rimmel Cup: Dave Stevenson

Twenties Cup: Keith Hanson

Paul Jones Plate: Pete Dyson and Tony Towse

Scrowston Cup: Tony Towse and Dave Copley

Senior Salver: Bill Howson

Club Trophy: John Wellings

Most Improved Golfer: Keith Hanson

Junior Golf

THE National Skills Challenge is a series of 10 activities which aim to improve junior golf and make practising more fun.

If a golf facility runs two official challenge events, the players scores can then be inputted on the national online leader board.

There are five golfing disciplines: putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and full swing.

The children attending the presentation received their various National Skills Certificates for 2012.

The Bonallack Award

The Golf Foundation Award was presented to Flamborough Head and Bridlington School Sports Partnership at Wentworth Golf Club by Colin Montgomery during the PGA Championship.

The award is presented demonstrating very clearly what is possible when teachers and PGA professionals work together.