Plenty of personal bests at freestyle championships

Bridlington Swimming Club
Bridlington Swimming Club

Last Friday night, Bridlington Swimming Club held a freestyle championship.

The 10-and-unders swam 100 metres while those aged 11 and over swam 400 metres.

The 100m was well attended and positions highly contested.

Result: Boys: 1: Frankie Gascoigne, 2: Conor Benson, 3: Dru Hall, 4: Harvey Asquith, 5: Matthew Ragsdell, 6: Thomas Stone.

Girls: 1: Libby Marshall, 2: Jessie Larsen, 3: Matilda Hall, 4: Poppy McCann, 5: Brooke Hughes.

Ellie Hutchinson, Katana Haigh, Jessica Robson, Niamb Hall, Jasmine Sissons, Brooke Hughes, Charlotte Wardell, Jasmine Sunley and Chloe Hutchison all gained personal best times.

All the older swimmers cover more than 400 metres in training sessions and this was an opportunity to find their times.

The number in this event was disappointing, however this did not prevent the swimmers from an excellent performance. All gained personal best times.

Result: 1: Jack Cowell, 2: Lewis Hebden, 3: Brandon Haigh, 4: Liam Birchill, 5: Ellis Jacobs, 6: Ethan Boyles.

1: Katie Nicholson, 2: Ellie Hughes, 3: Danielle Coverdale, 4: Rebecca Witty, 5: Emily Larsen, 6: Paige Brabbin.