Phoenix delights for Bridlington

Doncaster Phoenix 10 Bridlington 16
Doncaster Phoenix 10 Bridlington 16

This was a game Bridlington had, privately, written off and they were not expecting to leave Doncaster Phoenix with any points, let alone a win.

But following a controversial penalty try which put Bridlington 10 points down after 12 minutes, the players put in their best performance of the season, coming from behind to secure a great win.

Bridlington started the game well, pinning the home side in their own half, but this was short lived as the Phoenix winger made a good break down the touchline, but was tackled into touch by Tom Kemp as he reached Bridlington’s 40 metre line.

Doncaster continued the pressure, and would have scored were it not for a great defensive display by the visitors, but they were eventually awarded a penalty, which they kicked at goal to open the scoring.

Doncaster came again from the restart, using their larger forwards to pound the Bridlington defence. The visitors dug in again, thwarting each and every attack, until the referee awarded a penalty try to the home side, for an offence at a scrum, although for a first offence, Bridlington felt it should have been just a penalty.

Bridlington gathered themselves from this poor decision and a long restart kick was knocked on the hosts’ full back, 15 metres from his line.

From the scrum, the back row peeled off, attacking the defence, and quickly recycled ball to release the backs, although Regan Stirk was forced into touch as the ball was fired along the back line.

A poor lineout by Doncaster saw the ball going behind the scrum half and they had to scramble back to secure it, as the Bridlington pack poured through, winning a scrum 15 metres from the line.

Then, a penalty from the engagement of the scrum was taken quickly by Martin Robinson. After a couple of drives by the forwards, Ntsikayomzi Daka drove over the line, carrying three would-be tacklers with him as he scored a try.

Doncaster chased the restart kick well, catching James Thompson as he drove out from his line after gathering the ball.

Bridlington weathered the storm well, until Kemp was able to clear with a good kick. With runs by Ezra Luxton, Thompson and Daka, Bridlington edged their way into Doncaster’s half, although the home sidey were eventually able to escape with a long kick upfield.

Phoenix piled on the pressure once more, marching towards the visitors’ line, until they were stopped by a timely interception by Will Davies, on his own 40-metre line.

He pinned his ears back, and raced down the touchline, to score a great try beneath the posts, to level the scores as half time approached.

Within moments of the start of the second half, Bridlington found themselves dug in on their 22, under pressure from the Doncaster pack, although winning a scrum they were able to clear the line through Stirk.

The visitors kept possession well, with great running by the whole team as they made ground. A break by Luxton on half way, linking with Gary Heeley set an attack going, and a good run by Adam Dixon into the 22, was rewarded with a penalty, which Lee Terewi kicked at goal, to put Bridlington into the lead for the first time of the match.

Doncaster responded in kind as they too kept possession, to get into kicking range, but unfortunately for them it hit the post, and this allowed the visitors to escape from their line.

Bridlington kept the momentum going, edging their way back into Doncaster’s half, then with another penalty they increased their lead.

Bridlington found themselves digging in once more at the game came to a close, defending well. Doncaster won a couple of penalties but had to kick for lineouts, as they were two scores down.

But time ran out for them, and a penalty to Bridlington allowed the referee to end the game.

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This week Bridlington are at home against Wath upon Dearne.