Packed schedule for Bridlington boxers

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BRIDLINGTON ABC has been involved in seven contests over the last couple of weeks and have walked away with four wins.

It started with Billy Gibson who went to South Normanton to box Charlie Pearson, who came to the ring with an unbeaten boxing record as well as a string of kickboxing contests.

It was a close contest with momentum swinging one way then the other with Gibson landing some convincing blows yet sometimes getting caught on his way in.

After three rounds the Bridlington corner thought they may have done enough but it was not to be as the majority decision went to the home boxer.

Darren Boyes travelled to Manchester to compete in the national quarter finals of the Club for Young People Ambition Championships, however Boyes could not overcome his very strong and talented opponent, Michael Lyon from the Warrington ABC.

Tom Hebden and Roan Stanley both weighed in for the Yorkshire Junior Novice Championships and were both drawn to box last week

Hebden was first into the ring, he was facing Callum Devine of the St Pauls ABC in Hull, the home of Olympic champion Luke Campbell, in a under 57 kg Class A semi final.

The bout started with a low scoring round with both boxers being extra cautious, though towards the end of the first Devine began to grow in confidence a little coming in with more shots, these however had little effect through the tight guard of Hebden.

Throughout the second round Hebden began to advance forward more, stunting the confidence Devine had enjoyed in the first round and Hebden began landing a few more shots.

The last round saw Devine go into a more defensive mode and forced Hebden to work to the body more ending in another low scoring round.

After three rounds, the judges awarded a unanimous win to the Bridlington boxer, who will compete in the Yorkshire Final this Saturday.

Roan Stanley was boxing Joel Whiteman of the Burmantofts ABC in Leeds in an under 63kg Class B contest.

While not settling down well at all Stanley did have an effective first round using mainly his jab to keep Whiteman at bay he did land a lot of scoring shots.

Into the second and third round Whiteman did advance forward a lot more and managed to close Stanley down. After the three rounds it was close and went to a majority decision in favour of Whiteman.

Also boxing that night was David Vanderkooij who joined the club six months ago from Driffield.

Vanderkooij was up against Billy Davidson from the Hunslet ABC, who had previously beaten him, but this time it was a very different affair, the Bridlington boxer boxed at range and was very accurate with his shots, coming straight down the middle to land with precision before moving himself out of the way.

Vanderkooij kept his nerve throughout the contest and stuck to his game plan to take a very convincing unanimous points decision.

Last weekend Ben Malone and Aaron Boyes travelled to Bacup near Manchester to compete.

Malone boxed Kai Green from the Hyde and District Boxing Club and produced a much better performance than his last two contests.

He managed to keep moving while still throwing some strong shots. At times he looked like he hurt his opponent but he didn’t get carried away and carried on boxing as he was meant to.

While he did get caught on occasions with his hands a little low, he was producing the better workrate and it paid off with a majority decision from the judges.

Finally, Aaron Boyes boxed against George Drinkwater from the Roche ABC, a very tough opponent who has recently enjoyed success in 21 straight bouts. Boyes however came to the ring in form himself and took a majority win.

Drinkwater was the shorter of the two boxers and tried to get in close to use his power, he did land a couple of big blows but struggled with the work rate that Boyes produced.

As the contest went on Drinkwater seemed to be getting more and more frustrated and began to hold on to and push the Bridlington boxer about earning himself a stern telling off from the referee.

Head coach Damien Grant said: “We will remain busy over the next few weeks, with David Vandekooij boxing again this Thursday and Harvey Rowe taking to the ring on Saturday night as well as the Yorkshire finals for Tom Hebden on Saturday.

“The club will then take a team down to Wales at the end of the month to compete there.”