No stopping Ghost on a busy weekend in the bay

Contessa Juliet and Tessado
Contessa Juliet and Tessado

Saturday turned out to be a better day than expected to kick off a busy weekend at the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club.

The rain eased, there was a light breeze and the sun even made an appearance for two short races each for National Squibs and Yorkshire One Designs and one longer race for each of Contessa 26s and handicap cruisers.

Ghost (Gerard Dyson) got the weekend off to a good start with two straight wins in the Squib class.

Mona (Crispin Blyth) got the best start in the first race for YODs, but was eventually overhauled by Blackie (Tim Rix and Mark Egglestone), who won, with Mona second.

Blackie and Mona were also first and second respectively in the second race of the day. This gave Blackie the lead in the YOD Centenary mini series, with the remaining two races to be held on Sunday.

There was close racing amongst the handicap cruisers, Starchick (Bob Wallace and Mike Kaye) establishing a lead on the water when Endeavour (Jon Peacock and Sarah Smallwood) had to take a penalty after a rule infringement.

Endeavour got ahead again but Starchick was close enough to win on handicap with Endeavour second.

In the Contessas, a close battle at the front of the fleet between Tessador (Keith Richardson) and Contessa Juliet (Jeff Preece) was eventually resolved in Tessador’s favour with Contessa Juliet second.

The race program on Sunday was similar, but the weather was very different with much more wind than Saturday.

The change in conditions didn’t affect Ghost, who continued her winning streak in the Squib class with two more first places on the day.

This also secured her first place in the eight-race Victory series, with Threadbare (Tim Jones) second.

Blackie also recorded two more wins and sealed impressive victory in the YOD Centenary mini series. Mona and Tito II (Simon Williams) took a second place each, Mona therefore coming second in the series.

Having struggled in Saturday’s light winds, Aquaholic (Mike and Sue Abbey) fared much better in Sunday’s blustery conditions to win the handicap cruiser class from Endeavour.

In the Contessa fleet, True Blue (Steve Wood and Keith Poole) got the best start but was overtaken on the first beat by Tessador and Contessa Juliet. A poor spinnaker hoist on Tessador let Contessa Juliet through into the lead which she maintained to the finish.

Daisy Dog (Steve and Kevin Travis) worked through the fleet to second but subsequently retired, handing a welcome second place to Tessador.