Medical emergency for Spa boxing show

Bridlington Amateur Boxing Club
Bridlington Amateur Boxing Club

Bridlington Amateur Boxing Club’s show at the Spa next Friday was almost cancelled as the organisers struggled to obtain the services of a doctor.

Strict ABA rules state that a qualified doctor of medicine must be in attendance to check the boxers but the Bridlington club said finding a professional willing to do it is becoming increasingly difficult and as of yet the club have not managed to find a Bridlington-based doctor who will do it.

Head coach Damien Grant said: “We normally use a doctor from Hull, however he is on holiday for this show so we have really struggled to find someone else who will do it and in the end have had to bring someone over from Barnsley to do it, at a much greater expense to the charity.

“A lot of doctors wont do it because they don’t agree with boxing but amateur boxing is different to ‘professional’ or ‘white collar’ boxing there are strict rules and procedures involved to ensure that no one gets hurt.

“Not only are boxers matched on age and weight, they are also matched on experience.

“Also the referee will stop any contest if he thinks one of the boxers is taking too much damage. Other doctors wont do it because the medical practice or hospital they work at won’t allow them.”

If anyone knows of a local doctor willing to work at future shows for the club, they can contact Mr Grant on 07912 067044.