Lucky 13 wins promotion

Bridlington Hockey Club U12s
Bridlington Hockey Club U12s

Bridlington Hockey Club U12s’ latest round of fixtures in the Yorkshire League saw them remain unbeaten, scoring 13 goals in the process, and promotion to the next league up, for their next fixture later this month.

Bridlington Hockey Club U12s’ latest round of fixtures in the Yorkshire League saw them remain unbeaten, scoring 13 goals in the process, and promotion to the next league up, for their next fixture later this month.

Bridlington 2 Hull 0The Bridlington team were on the attack from the start of this match. An early long corner saw Usher send the ball in for Green, whose goal shot was saved by the Hull keeper. Then Hull took the ball down to the other end and Jemison made a great save to keep the score 0-0.

Back at the opposite end, Pratley hit a strong pass in for Usher who also had his shot saved. Soon after, Harvey Asquith intercepted the ball and Pratley dribbled the ball half way up the pitch, which ended with another goal shot by Green, which went wide.

Brid kept the pressure on and Usher scored the first goal, with great support from Potts. Some strong defending by both Emily and Harvey Asquith prevented Hull scoring on several occasions.

In the second half, Potts took a free hit and dribbled into the area, sending an accurate pass to Usher, who tapped it in, making it 2-0 to Brid.

Then Hull blasted the ball into the goal, but this was disallowed as it had not been touched in the ‘D’.

Hull took a long corner and again Jemison made an excellent save. Usher then dribbled the ball the full length of the pitch with two defenders chasing him down. Green was in support and took another goal shot which narrowly missed.

Bridlington 4 Wakefield 1

Again, Brid attacked from the start of this match, with Green pushing forward with four defenders challenging for the ball. Potts also made a great run, and showed some good skills to change direction and take a shot on goal, which was saved by the Wakefield keeper.

Green and Potts linked well to form another attack, with some accurate passing between them and a goal shot which was just off target.

Green then took a short corner, which Usher sent in and Green scored from the post, making it 1-0 to Brid.

In the second half, Pratley defended well and sent a great ball for Potts who took it down the wing. He passed to Green in the ‘D’ who scored through the keeper’s legs.

Then E Asquith defended a Wakefield long corner, with great pressure on their defence and sent the ball out to Usher. He dribbled the ball through them and into Potts, whose goal shot just went wide.

Then, after three short corners in succession with goal shots from Usher and Potts, Usher finally scored, making it 3-0.

Wakefield then replied with a fast goal which Brid weren’t expecting. Usher and Green then linked up well to take the ball back into the Wakefield goal area, and Usher’s shot was tapped in by Potts who was positioned well on the far post.

Bridlington 2 Hull 2

In this third game, Brid were straight on the attack. They were awarded a short corner early on which was sent in by Green and shot by Usher, whose shot was saved by the keeper.

Then Usher sent the ball into Potts, who sent an accurate pass to Green who reversed the ball into the back of the net.

Usher then sent another ball in for Potts whose shot just went wide. E Asquith and Pratley linked up well, to send the ball back to the forwards, with Potts dribbling around two defenders.

E Asquith then sent a free hit to Usher, who shot straight into the goal.

In the second half, Green intercepted the ball and took it straight into the ‘D’ and took a shot. It deflected off the keeper and Pratley then took a shot, which was also saved.

Against the run of play, Hull took the ball up the other end and were awarded a short corner. The Brid players were tiring now, after tow games straight after each other and took their foot off the gas for a couple of minutes and Hull got on the scoresheet. Straight after, Hull attacked again and Jemison made another great save, but the ball stayed in the ‘D’ and Hull equalised

Bridlington 5 Wakefield 0

After a well-earned rest, the Brid team started their final game with some attacking hockey. Usher had an early shot saved, and then soon after Potts sent a great pass into Usher who scored this time.

Shortly after, Potts chipped the ball to Usher whose shot went wide. Potts had a great work rate and was soon on the attack again, linking well with Usher, who scored his second goal.

In the second half, both Asquiths in defence worked well to supply the ball to the forwards and Usher and Green had a few shots on goal that went wide.

Then, Pratley pushed up and sent a great pass to Green in the ‘D’, who passed to Usher and he achieved his hat-trick.

The whole team worked hard to keep possession and keep attacking the Wakefield goal. Again Usher took the ball in and hit a reverse shot which beat the keeper.

In the final minutes, Potts sent the ball to Usher, who passed into the ‘D’ and Pratley scored her first goal in the Yorkshire Hockey League, making it 5-0 to Brid.

Again, the whole team worked tirelessly for 80 minutes of hockey in total, with no subs.

They will be rewarded with a promotion to the next league up, for their next fixture in October.