Local boxers hit the road

Billy Gibson in action at the Spa last month.
Billy Gibson in action at the Spa last month.

After a successful boxing show at the Spa last month, there has been no rest for the Bridlington ABC boxers. with eight contests over the last two weeks.

After a successful boxing show at the Spa last month, there has been no rest for the Bridlington ABC boxers. with eight contests over the last two weeks.

Tom Hebden travelled to Leeds to face Joseph Garside of the Eastburn ABC in West Yorkshire. Garside was a very formidable opponent and came with an impressive boxing record.

It was a tough battle for three rounds with both boxers landing some good shots, but after three rounds it was Garside who got the nod from the judges.

The following evening, the club once again travelled to Leeds this time for Leah Smith, who had her first skills bout on the show at the Bridlington Spa. She was due to have another skills contest however the bout did not go ahead due to weights not matching.

Harvey Rowe, Billy Gibson and Darren Boyes traveled to Coventry to compete.

Rowe was boxing Charles Dunne from the Nuneaton ABC. Dunne came to the ring unbeaten in his three contests and it soon became clear why. He came in slightly taller than Rowe and managed to move well and land shots at ease.

Rowe battled on bravely and kept on moving forward trying to close down Dunne but the Midlands boxer was just too quick on his feet. After the first round the Bridlington corner pulled Rowe out.

Gibson was boxing Michael Porter also from Nuneaton ABC. Gibson put in another fine performance similar to the one that had earned him a unanimous decision the week before on the show at the Spa.

He put his opponent immediately on the back foot but without rushing in. His patience in the ring was paying off well as he landed a series of quality shots. The controlled and mature performance form Gibson earned him another unanimous decision from the judges.

Boyes was last to box, he faced Craig Sheldon from the Willenhall ABC in Coventry. Boyes was once again giving four years in age away but his class began to show through from the first round.

Sheldon struggled to get past the jab of Boyes despite the small ring restricting the movement of Boyes. Late on on the first round Sheldon landed a good body shot but Boyes took it well and got back to keeping him away.

By the third round Boyes had really increased the work rate and began to dominate to contest. After three rounds of boxing boyes received the decision from the judges as well as walking away with the award for best boxer of the night.

Last Wednesday, the club traveled to Middlesbrough.

Hebden was in action once again for his third contest within 12 days. He was facing M Merhban of the Phil Thomas School of Boxing.

The two have met twice previously, winning one each. Both boxers started off eagerly, but Hebden was the more aggressive of the two boxers.

However Merhban was no pushover and landed some good shots of his own moving well in the early stages. The quality body shots of Hebden once again proved effective, as well as scoring well they helped to take the energy out of Merhban and slowed down his movement, making him easier to catch.

It was a close battle for the three rounds but it was Hebden who walked away with a close majority decision from the judges.

Aaron Boyes was also boxing in Middlesbrough. he faced a very tough test in Cory Fenwick from Horden ABC in Peterlee.

Fenwick had very quick hands from the off and Boyes struggled to get in close early. By the time the second round came Boyes began to manage to get close to Fenwick and use his fast work rate to land shots.

The third round was close again and after the three rounds the judges all gave it to Fenwick by one point.

Kier Herrgesell was supposed to box in Hull on Good Friday however his opponent pulled out ill on the morning of the show.

The club is staying busy with Rowe, Ryker Herrgesell, Liam Bowtell, Roan Stanley and Kier Herrgesell all set to box in Doncaster on Friday night with Adam Church and Paul Dean boxing in Hull on Saturday.