Into Yorkshire Shield semi-finals in style

Sizwe Zondo holds off three opponents
Sizwe Zondo holds off three opponents
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Bridlington RUFC 38

West Park Leeds 12

INJURIES to Tom Benninger and Regan Stirk, then a last minute withdrawal by Ali Sutton, meant that Bridlington had to make a number of changes.

It was an overcast and wet day, the rain having stopped just as the players arrived at the club.

Bridlington started well as James Thompson caught the ball from the kick off, inside his own 22, and the forwards were able to secure the ball for Gareth Roberts to have a run down the blind side, but he was forced into touch.

After a big kick up field chased by Ryan Girking, West Park Leeds were able to recycle the ball, but a big tackle by Kieran Lawry, won a penalty for Bridlington, which Jamie Muru kicked.

But just as in the last few weeks, Bridlington found themselves on the back foot from the restart by the visitors. Players just stood hesitating for a second, which was all it took for the winger to collect the ball and run down the blind side.

West Park Leeds were able to wheel a scrum, to win the put in, and from this they attacked quickly using the backs and the overlap that they had created to score an unconverted try.

West Park soaked up a little pressure from the home side, and good play by their forwards, allowed them to release their backs inside Bridlington’s 22, but the ball was lost forward

Soon afterwards the visitors took a lineout and drove forwards and despite Bridlington’s best efforts to stop them, the ball was passed along the back line,.

A great tackle by Roberts, didn`t stop them as they were still able to score a converted try out wide.

After Sizwe Zondo slowed the ball down with his foot following a long kick, Stevie Mellonby was able to pick up, making a great run as far as the visitors’ 40 metre line.

But yet again the visitors were saved by the referee as he awarded them a penalty.

Bridlington soaked up the pressure for a while before being able to turn the ball over, mounting their own attack.

From a scrum on the visitors 40 metre line, James Thompson picked up and fed Zondo, an inside pass to Mellonby, then passed back to Thompson to score a converted try.

Bridlington wasted no time from the restart, attacking well again, winning a penalty in range of the posts, but unfortunately this time Muru`s kick went wide of the uprights.

Bridlington got the upper hand, as they attacked again, winning another penalty, as Roberts was stopped a metre short of the try line.

Muru saw an opportunity, he quickly turned and put in a cross field kick, and from only five metres out, Sizwe Zondo gathered the ball and scored a converted try.

Bridlington attacked the visitors time and again for the rest of the first half, but were unable to convert the pressure into points

The hosts started the second half well, trying to keep play in the visitors half, but West Park Leeds dug in.

Bridlington made a change as Adam Dixon came on for Morgan Kinnaird, but the visitors kept the pressure on, despite big tackles from Mark Floyd and Kieran Lawry.

After Muru had been shown a yellow card, Bridlington recovered as the visitors failed to kick to touch, mounting an attack of their own.

Eventually Bridlington won a lineout inside the visitors’ 22, quick ball to the backs found Kieran Lawry on a diagonal run, and he crashed through the defence to score a try which was converted by Mellonby.

Ben Lawry replaced the injured Daniel Perkin but this forced change seemed to strengthen the team, as they continued to march up the field.

The visitors got a rest from the onslaught, as a kick and chase was knocked on a metre short of their try line, which enabled them to start an attack of their own, as they slowly progressed up the park.

The visitors eventually won a lineout on Bridlington’s 40 metre line, but Ben Lawry managed to burrow his way in and steal the ball for Bridlington, relieving the pressure,.

Kieran Lawry was stopped 20 metres from the try line, forwards secured the ball, then from a short pass and Gary Heeley was stopped three metres from the line.

During the resultant ruck, the visitors were able to hack the ball out, but quick thinking by Micky Edmond, who dived on to the ball, set up another platform to attack the line.

Muru passed short to Gareth Roberts, sending him crashing over the try line for a converted try.

Robinson put up a high ball, which was collected by Kieran Lawry just outside the visitors’ 40 metre line. He made a good run before offloading to Robinson.

He in turn made a few metres, then passed back for Lawry to cross the line for a converted try

Bridlington again attacked straight from the restart. Good runs by Ben Lawry, Heeley and Ryan Girking, set up a try for Mark Oliver, but instead the referee awarded a penalty to the visitors, which they kicked to touch.

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