IN PICTURES: Sewerby Parkrun - plus Bridlington Road Runners news

A very busy weekend for Bridlington Road Runners started on Friday evening with a new 10k off road trail race held within the grounds of Sledmere House.

After a very cool grey day in Bridlington, while the rest of the country bathed in warm sunshine, the sea mist lifted and the temperature rose to give ideal conditions for racing.

Sledmere Sunset Trail 10K

Sledmere Sunset Trail 10K

Bridlington men were well placed with Phill Taylor, Scott Hargreaves and John Nolan taking the first team prize.

Bob Eyre also had an exceptional run gaining first place in the over 70 age group.

Sledmere 10K Results: 2nd Phill Taylor 35:29, 15th Scott Hargreaves 40:42, 20th John Nolan 42:52, 36th Tim Puleston 44:32, 45th Josh Taylor 45:58, 58th Janet Potter 47:55, 59th Emma Artley 48:00, 63rd Sharon Puleston 49:00, 66th Simon Porter 49:27, 85th Bob Eyre 50:45, 107th Verona Petty 53:04, 116th Julie Maddon 54:10, 118th Jane Welbourn 54:17, 125th Dominique Webster 55:53, 132nd Wendy Foster 57:08, 169th Heidi Baker 63:25, 182nd Amanda Tindall 65:51, 189th Cate Palmer 66:57, 205th David Duffill 74:16, 206th Linda Hall 76:32, 207th Debbie Duffill 76:34.

Sewerby Parkrun (see pictures below): 7th Lewis Dale 20:50, 8th Joshua Taylor 21:03, 9th Ashley Porter 21:05, 12th Mark Woodley 21:36, 15th Kevin Sissons 22:21, 16th Tim Puleston 22:25, 20th Simon Porter 23:11, 30th Duncan Smart 24:53 (PB), 31st Bob Eyre 25:14, 34th Pat Bielby 25:32, 36th Cameron Sissons 26:11, 51st Kristen Porter 27:50, 52nd Dominique Webster 27:58, 66th Tina Cawthorpe 33:47, 67th Lyn Gent 34:23, 69th Debbie Duffill 34:15, 70th Linda Hall 35:06 71st David Duffill 35:43

Nick Jordan travelled to Liverpool to compete in the Sunday’s Rock and Roll Marathon.

As the name suggests, ‘rock and roll’ was the theme of the day with bands and live music along the route. Jordan completed the marathon in good time of 3:18:54.

Gale force winds and driving rain did not dampen the spirit and determination of Karyn Hoggard and Pearl Bayford at the Hardmoors Half and Full Marathon.

The gruelling challenge at Rosedale featured plenty of mud and lots of tough hills to conquer.

Hoggard finished the half marathon in two hours and 22 minutes and was seventh lady while Bayford was fourth lady, first in her age group, in four hours and 28 minutes in the full marathon.

Jane Tomlinson Hull 10k: 9th Danny Brunton 35:36, 27th Nick Helliwell 37:14, Peter Royal 47:59, Lyn Gent 61:12, Tina Cawthorpe 65:31.