Ilkley’s power proves vital in a clash of styles

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Ilkley 20

Bridlington 13

Yorkshire One

BRIDLINGTON made the long journey to Ilkley on Saturday on a cold wet day following overnight rain.

The visitors kicked off the match, Ilkley caught this and cleared to touch.

Stevie Mellonby however had other ideas, taking a quick throw in to Sizwe Zondo, to allow Bridlington set off attacking the home side.

Good support by the pack saw them entering Ilkley’s 22. From a lineout, the home side made the error of passing the ball back into the 22, before kicking to touch.

This allowed the Bridlington pack to attack, driving at the defence time and again, Adam Dixon made a good run, but was stopped a few metres short.

Quick ball was released for the backs, but still they were unable to cross the line with Martin Robinson being stopped a foot or two from the line.

The forwards arrived in numbers, but in their haste knocked the ball on, allowing Ilkley to get possession.

Ilkley were unable to escape their half, and a succession of penalties followed before Bridlington again got the upper hand.

Tom Kemp chipped the ball diagonally over the defence for Regan Stirk to chase, getting to the ball first he hacked it on, over the try line where he dived upon it to score the first points of the game.

Mellonby stepped up and converted successfully.

The home side attacked well from the restart, racing up the park, and the winger was unfortunate to put a foot in touch just before he dived in for a try.

Following a catch and drive by the home side from the lineout, they attacked the line, winning a penalty in the process.

They kicked to touch for another attempt, this time driving over, for an unconverted try.

Ilkley attacked from a lineout on their 40, but a great tackle from Ryan Kerr, knocked the ball from the player’s grasp.

Kemp was able to float a bouncing kick into touch, 30 metres out. It was not long before the visitors were given a penalty, following a scrum.

Mellonby stepped up kicking successfully at goal.

The home side enjoyed some good possession from the restart, despite good work by the Bridlington pack.

They were awarded a penalty, which they kicked for a five metre lineout. Again they caught the ball and drove at the defence, this time they were successful at the first attempt, crossing the line for a converted try, and so putting them into the lead.

The start of the second half saw both teams battling for possession, good play by both sides.

Ilkley however got the upper hand, again kicking for the short lineout, from which they successfully drove over for yet another forwards push-over try.

They attacked again straight from the restart, and after a knock on by the visitors and a rolling maul, won a penalty which gave them a 10- point cushion.

Bridlington were not done yet, mounting attack after attack, progressing up the park. But each time they got close they were pushed back.

They did however get another penalty within range of the posts which was kicked successfully at goal.

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