Horner takes Yorkshire title and first female boxer wins debut

Bridlington Club for Young People - Annual Amateur Boxing Night at The Spa, Bridlington - George Horner (Bridlington ABC) v Robbie Barret (Ernie Oxers SOB)
Bridlington Club for Young People - Annual Amateur Boxing Night at The Spa, Bridlington - George Horner (Bridlington ABC) v Robbie Barret (Ernie Oxers SOB)

BRIDLINGTON Amateur Boxing Club held a boxing show at the Spa last Friday where around 450 people turned up to watch 14 explosive contests.

The bill featured nine boxers from the Bridlington club with seven of them walking away with wins.

First up for the club was Ben Spaven who was competing in his first ever contest. He was boxing Jack Critchlow from Wombwell and Dearne ABC in Rotherham.

Spaven was the shorter boxer but kept his head moving well and landed some good shots. Critchlow was a strong boxer and worked Spaven for the whole three rounds and even drew blood but it was Spaven who took a close majority decision from the judges.

The next Bridlington boxer in the ring was Charlotte Jarvis who is the first female to compete out of Bridlington. She was boxing Natasha Dolan from City Of Hull ABC. The two have previously sparred with each other in training.

Jarvis seemed very nervous before the bout but once it got underway the nerves seemed to disappear.

She landed well when boxing at range despite Nolan trying her best to keep close. After three rounds of boxing the judges awarded a unanimous win to Jarvis.

Next up was Kier Herrgesell, he was boxing Thomas Gaskin of Highfields ABC in Doncaster.

The two met a few months ago in the Yorkshire final of the Schoolboy Championships where Herrgesell won a close bout nine points to eight.

When they met last time Herrgesell started slowly but that wasn’t the case this time as he set off at full pace. Gaskin covered up well but the body shots landed by Herrgesell made him begin to tire in the second and third rounds and it was again the Bridlington boxer who got the judges vote.

The last bout before the interval saw Aaron Boyes take on Felix James of York ABC.

James has lately been on top form after beating the talented Sheffield boxer Joe Jenkins in the Schoolboy Championships but Boyes was not fazed by this and stood toe to toe with James for the entire three rounds. It was a very entertaining contest that saw the judges award the bout to the home boxer.

After the interval Liam Bowtell took to the ring in a rematch with Tom MacDonald of York ABC. The two boxed previously at the same venue where Bowtell was the victor.

This bout was as entertaining as the first time they met with both boxers landing some good shots, Bowtell managed to switch between orthodox and south paw at times and both boxers worked hard for three rounds after which a close majority decision was awarded to MacDonald.

Next to box was Darren Boyes, he was facing John Smith of Retford ABC.

The two started off fairly evenly matched but after a break in the first round to replace a dislodged head guard ,Boyes set off a lot quicker than his opponent and caught him by surprise catching him at times with ease with some very strong shots.

The referee decided to intervene and give Smith a standing eight count.

The rest of the first round continued in a similar way. Boyes also managed to keep on top of his opponent throughout the second round, however, during the final round his legs began to tire and his opponent began to creep back into the fight a little.

At the end of the three rounds a close majority decision was awarded to the Retford boxer.

The first senior bout of the night was Tom Wray who was boxing Jackson Windas of East Hull ABC.

Windas was a strong boxer who had some power in his shots but struggled to handle the pressure that Wray was putting on to him, Wray did not stop going forward for the whole three rounds and landed some great shots both to the head and body.

After three rounds Wray was awarded a well deserved unanimous win.

Next up was Paul Dean who was facing Michael Hustwit of Burmantofts ABC in Leeds.

Dean who had been struggling with a knee injury over the last few weeks had a big following and he wasn’t going to disappoint, the two boxers traded punches for the whole three rounds, both landing and taking some good shots.

After three very entertaining and close rounds of boxing it was Dean who got the nod from the judges.

The final bout of the night was between Bridlington’s George Horner and Robbie Barrett of Ernie Oxer’s School of Boxing in Mexborough.

It was a 3 x 3 minute contest for the vacant Yorkshire Challenge Welterweight belt.

The two boxers met a month previous in a standard bout where Barrett had won on a close majority decision.

The first round was rather uneventful with both boxers trying to work each other out. However during the second round Horner stepped up the work rate and put pressure on Barrett who tried to box on the counter but struggled to get through the tight guard of the Bridlington boxer.

Horner managed to slow him down with some fantastic body shots and the action continued into the third round where Horner began to put even more pressure on.

After the three rounds the judges were unanimous in their decision to award the title to Horner.

He will now have to defend the title on April 7 against Jack Langford of Sheffield City ABC.

The MC Mike Gibbons chose the best boxers of the night and gave the award for best away boxer to Tom MacDonald of York ABC and the best Bridlington boxer of the night was awarded to Tom Wray.

Bridlington head coach Damien Grant said: “I was very pleased with the show, all 14 bouts were excellent contests and all boxers did well.

“To get seven wins from nine bouts is fantastic and a great reflection on how hard the boxers are working and on the time given by the coaching staff.

“However wins are not everything and I have to say we had nine out of nine brilliant performances from our boxers which as coaches is all we ask for.

“Our next boxing show will be on Friday May 13 at the Pavilion. Tickets will be available a little nearer the time and people are urged to pre book as it is expected to be a sell out.”