Home round for TT star James Cowton

James Cowton
James Cowton

Kilham’s up-and-coming road racing sensation is making a return to his home circuit at Oliver’s Mount this weekend after mixing it with the big boys at the TT last month.

James Cowton might still be nursing injuries from the most famous road race in the world but is looking forward to the Barry Sheene road race festival.

He will be taking to the track on his Kawasaki 650, Honda CBR 600 and a Classic Norton on behalf of Bob Wood and Goathland garage where the pace will be a little slower than he has been used to over the last few weeks.

The 22 year old joiner has only been racing for five years but in his first TT outing this year, he was holding his own in the company of Guy Martin and current TT champion Michael Dunlop.

Cowton says it will be nice to come home though after a hectic couple of months.

He told the Driffield Times: “When you are racing that much you forget where you are. We had been at the North West 200, came back for two days and went back out to the TT.

“We didn’t have time to get ecited or think about it, but we were there with my dad and mechanic having dinner one day and were just like ‘we are at the TT’.

“I am looking forward to coming back, it will be nice to get back to my home circuit and see how we go.”

It was an eventful fortnight with a crash, a broken down bike and then a third place in the Supertwin round.

Despite being battered and bruised Cowton was keen to get his first major crash out of the way.

Recalling the incident, which influenced his decision to play it safe and not take part in ‘the’ race of the fortnight - the senior - he said: “There was a series of four corners where you are meant to go wide, wide, tight and then wide. I went in too slow and tipped in too early.

“I got three quarters of the way around and couldn’t make the bike sit up. I rode on the grass and tried to turn on to the track but hit a hole and got spat off.

“My whole body was pretty damn sore but my right knee has been giving me the most trouble. Everybody crashes over there and it is a matter of when. I got away with it quite lightly considering the section where I came off.”

Cowton doesn’t set himself targets but wanted to improve on previous times.

On each machine he was beating his average speeds by a clear 2mph.

He added: “I achieved everything I wanted to. A lot go to the TT for years and hope to come away with a bronze replica and I got two.

“It is nice to be up there with the top lads and mixing it with them. I looked up to them and I am beating them now.”