Headlands gym teams win gold

Headlands School'Gymnastic team Cup Winners'PA1306-12c'Team
Headlands School'Gymnastic team Cup Winners'PA1306-12c'Team

HEADLANDS School gymnasts enjoyed double success at the first Yorkshire Team Trio competition.

The competition involved pupils doing an individual floor routine, a vault and a trio group routine.

The new event, which replaced the old Carita House competition, was held at Sheffield School for girls.

PE teacher Rebecca Hoult said: “We entered an under 16 girls team and, for the first time, a mixed under 16 team.”

The girls team comprised of Lianne Holdsworth, Emily Clifton, Leah Snowden (group and floor) and Olivia Jordan (vault).

Alex Kynman, Kehanah Woodhead and Joseph Kynman made up the mixed Headlands team.

Mrs Hoult added: “After another early start, we arrived and warmed up ready for the vault competition.

“We did very well in this with Joe scoring the highest vault with 15.15 out of 16.

“Next came the floor routines with Emily scoring the highest with 14.90 out of 16.

“The trio group routines were last with both groups doing amazing rounds of flicks and balances.

“After a tense wait the results were announced with Headlands wiping the floor with the competition and taking gold in both categories.”

The results mean Headlands will represent Yorkshire at the Team Trio competition in Stoke in March.

“A huge congratulations to all the pupils involved and with a very busy schedule in the next six weeks, fingers crossed for even more successful results,” said Mrs Hoult.