Haynes family make a name for themselves in fencing

Charles Haynes (7 yrs), James Haynes (11 yrs), Georgia Haynes (9 yrs)
Charles Haynes (7 yrs), James Haynes (11 yrs), Georgia Haynes (9 yrs)

FENCING prowess must run in the family for James, Georgia and Charles Haynes.

All three are members of Bridlington Blades Fencing Club but have been making a name for themselves in regional and national competitions over the past year.

James, who has just turned 11, finished third in the Yorkshire under 12s category, after a series of Foil competitions in 2010.

He was aged only 10 for most of the events, and was up against opponents a year or more older than him, but took bronze position out of more than 60 competitors.

His progress is quite an achievement considering he finished last at his opening event.

But by the time the final tournament came round, he finished second, beating the year’s overall winner in the semi-finals.

He also represented Yorkshire at under 12 level for Epee in Sheffield last year.

His sister Georgia, who is nine, came fourth overall in Yorkshire for her age group – the under 10s – in which the boys are mixed with the girls

Barring a disappointing final event, she never finished outside the top four, and made one final

She is currently the highest ranked girl for Epee in the country for under nines in the series run by Leon Paul.

Paul Hutton, from Bridlington Blades, said: “The club thinks that they have done marvellously, and have started to give the club a very good reputation, not only amongst other clubs and families, but also with sponsors and the companies that run these tournaments.

“It has been pretty unprecedented for two children to gain that level of success in their first season, and the rate of progression has been startling to watch.

“If they continue in that vein next year, there is a good chance of being picked up and put on a programme, the sole aim of which, is supplying fencers for Britain, and in turn the Olympics – which is the only time fencing gets any attention nationally, so they try to aim for success in it.”

Following in James and Georgia’s footsteps is younger brother Charles, seven, who has already taken part in his first tournament.