Gymnasts qualify for British finals

Burlington A
Burlington A

In previous years, Burlington Junior School has had a thriving and successful gymnastic club which unfortunately stopped.

However, Kerry Scruton and Stevie Cooper have recently reformed the club again with the help of Laura Deamer, who coaches at Bridlington Gymnastics Club, in a hope to get the club as prosperous again.

Burlington B

Burlington B

The squad have been working very hard over the past few months preparing for the forthcoming Yorkshire Championships.

Fourteen gymnasts had an early start to travel all the way to Sheffield one weekend in February to compete in the Yorkshire Milano Team Trio Championships.

Each gymnast had to perform an individual floor routine, two vaults and a trio group floor routine. The criteria not only involved gymnastic skills but had to include elements such as lifts, group balances, leaps, spins, jumps and dance.

Gymnasts had to show strength and flexibility in all skills performed to improve their overall score.

The top two teams would then represent Yorkshire and compete in the British Championships at Stoke later this month.

Burlington A girls team performed their individual floor routines to a high standard and their trio group sequence was very well executed, getting the highest group floor score of the day, which resulted in them gaining first place.

Burlington A Floor Vault

Ruby Simpson 11.9 13.9

Leah Colman 11.9 14.15

Jodie Beasley 11.3 13.55

Group floor :26.05

Overall score: 102.75

Burlington B girls team showed some very flexible skills in their floor routines, finishing in seventh place.

Burlington B Floor Vault

Jessie Hoggart 11.75 13.10

Ellie Hughes 11.50 13.25

Sophie McTiminey 11.6 X

Sienna Collinson x 11.65

Group floor: 20.40

Overall score: 93.25

Both Burlington C and D mixed teams demonstrated some good vaults and worked hard to perform their group routines effectively, resulting in fifth place for the C team and fourth place for the D team.

Burlington C Floor Vault

Lily Grainger 11.65 13.55

Abigail Dean 11.70 4.0

Leo Martin 10.25 13.70

Group floor 19.85

Overall score: 84.7

Burlington D Floor Vault

Jaime Watson- Jordan

10.3 13.25

Madyson Plawecki 11.1 X

Teagan Godfrey X 13.10

Charlie Keogh 9.45 12.90

Group floor 17.20

Overall score: 87.30

Miss Scruton said: “All of the children acquitted themselves superbly.”

Burlington A girls will now compete in the British Schools Gymnastics Championships this weekend while the other children prepare themselves for the Yorkshire floor and vault competition in April.