Green thrilled by Lennox phone call

Shane Green runs the Gym Addict brand
Shane Green runs the Gym Addict brand

Businessman Shane Green is used to trying to get in touch with professional boxers as he seeks to promote his new clothing range.

But he found it easier than he could ever have imagined to speak to former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.

In a whirlwind 24 hours, Green, who boxes for Bridlington ABC and runs the Gym Addict brand, ended up going from being a fan to chatting to one of his idols on the phone.

“Lennox mentioned on Twitter he was looking for some old photos of him and the ones he like the best would win a call from him,” explained Green.

“I didn’t even realise it was a competition, but found some really old school photos.

“Ater the Quigg-Frampton fight on Saturday night, my phone started going crazy at about 1am.

“Firstly, I got a email saying Lennox was following me on Twitter, then he Tweeted asking for my number.

“At 6:30pm on Sunday, he rang me up.

“He was asking what I do for a living and I told him about Gym Addict and you could hear he was genuinely interested.

“I told him I boxed and my weight class and he gave some advice and then spoke more about the boxing scene in UK.

“He said it was great to have 12 world champions in the UK and he really wants to see David Haye v Anthony Joshua. He left a few nice things on Twitter and Facebook and I’m hoping to supply him with some clothing.”