Golf festival is a massive success

Bridlington Golf Festival - April/May 2011
Bridlington Golf Festival - April/May 2011

OVER 2,500 competitive rounds of golf and somewhere in the region of a quarter of a million golf shots briefly sums up the 2011 Bridlington Golf Festival which took place last week.

It also clearly highlights how big the event has become over the years.

The 18th annual Bridlington Golf Festival was declared a resounding success by the hundreds of keen golfers who visited the town to compete in the 13 events held at three local golf courses Bridlington Golf Club, Bridlington Links Golf Club and Flamborough Head Golf Club.

Golf festival officials breathed a huge sigh of relief when the last putt dropped as the whole week remained relatively unaffected by the weather and despite the ever-present cool winds competitors clearly enjoyed the many different competitions held at the host clubs.

During the week two prize presentations were held to present the many prizes on offer to the winners.

The first took place on Wednesday evening at The Links where club captain Paul Portlock warmly welcomed all the prize winners and alongside lady captain Mary Giles presented the many prizes on offer.

The final prize presentation was held at Bridlington Golf Club on Saturday evening where Club Captain Neil Williams and Lady Captain Rose Bell were on hand to present the prizes.

During the prize presentation ceremonies thanks were expressed to the many volunteers and helpers who contributed towards making the event such a success, in particular the caterers, bar staff and green keeping staff at the three courses.

Festival organiser Anthony Howarth told the Free Press “The week was once again a resounding success and so many people helped throughout the week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of the Bridlington Golf Festival Committee.”

The highlight of the week long event were two hole-in-ones.

The first was at The Links when Chris Mears from Meltham Golf Club achieved the impressive feat on the par three seventh hole.

This feat was then matched when Bridlington Golf Club member Ken Brown recorded an ace on the par three 11th at his home club.

Golf Festival officials and all the competitors were once again delighted to welcome their oldest competitor.

Ninety-two-year-old Vic Maynard from Welwyn Garden City made his annual pilgrimage to the East Coast to play all six days of the festival, a constant reminder that golf is a sport for all ages.

Mr Maynard told the Free Press he loves coming up to Bridlington to play in the Golf Festival. It is the highlight of his year.

He also said he hopes to be coming for many more years to come.

Details of the 2012 Golf Festival are already in circulation and anybody who would like details can collect the 2012 brochures from any of the host golf clubs.

Details can also be found on the website

Festival officials would also like to thank East Yorkshire Events for their kind support of this year’s event.


Monday, May 2

Bridlington Links GC

Gents Team Am/Am

1st: B Cumberland J Caunt C Beaumont M Crichton 131

2nd: T Moore J Sellars S Bentley G Anderson (Bridlington GC)134

3rd: D Williams D Broadhead G Males M McCoughlin (St. Helens GC) 134

4th: G Martin G Knowles R Kerr P Turner (Coxmoor GC) 135

5th: C Gallon S Hemmings B Smith L Harding (Perton GC) 136

6th: A Olbison P Williams G Leighton M Brook (Bridlington Links GC) 138

Flamborough Head GC

Mixed 4BBB Medal

1st: D Bridges/Mrs K Bridges (Owston Hall GC) 66

2nd: T Towse/Mrs S Towse (Flamborough Head GC) 66

3rd: P Warren/Mrs D Warren (Owston Hall GC) 67

4th: R Pigram/Mrs B Tomlinson (Ormonde Fields) 67

5th: E Horridge/Mrs J Horridge (Ashton/Lea GC) 70

6th: R Leeson/Mrs K Leeson (Flamborough Head GC/Bridlington Links GC) 70

7th: A Vaughan/Mrs K Wright (Davy Hulme GC) 70

8th: C Duggleby/Mrs L Duggleby (Driffield GC) 70

Tuesday, May 3

Bridlington Golf Club

Over 50’s Gents/Ladies Team Am/Am


1st: A Harris S Turner C Ratcliffe E Gosling (Doncaster Town Moor GC) 135

2nd: B Nugent D Wright A Vaughan D Page (Davy Hulme GC) 137

3rd: T Towse P Cliff P Imeson D Kilford (Flamborough Head GC, Hessle GC/KP Club) 138

4th: R Leeson E Hall D Davies R Higgins (Flamborough Head GC) 138


1st: M Sunley D Shippey H Jewitt H Bingley (Flamborough Head GC) 144

2nd: L Duggleby M Ashton H Ashton J Robson (Driffield GC West End GC Bridlington GC) 144

3rd: J Clayton J Shepherd S Cockerill T Yeomans (Bridlington GC) 146

Flamborough Head GC

Gents/Ladies Team Am/Am


1st: P Paterson C Phillips E Phillips D Paterson (Drax GC) 124

2nd: C Lupton S Kelly A Raines P Wakeman (Driffield GC) 124

3rd: G Martin C Beaumont M Crichton P Turner (Coxmoor GC) 125

4th: T Moore J Sellars C Rowell S Bentley (Bridlington GC) 127

5th: K Maleedy S Pye D Stafford D Grayson (St Helens GC) 127


1st: K Bridges D Warren M Crelin P Morris (Owston Hall GC Selby GC Wheatley GC) 130

2nd: V Cieslick J Blake J Richards C Atkinson (Flamborough Head GC Newmarket Links GC) 144

Wednesday, May 4

Bridlington Links GC

Mixed Yellow Ball Am/Am

1st: D Bridges Mrs K Bridges P Warren Mrs D Warren (Owston Hall GC) 76

2nd: K Bryce Mrs G Hirst G Sunley Mrs M Sunley (Flamborough Head GC) 75

3rd: C Duggleby Mrs L Duggleby W Robson Mrs J Robson (Driffield GC Bridlington GC) 71

4th: A Howson Mrs V Howson T Smith Mrs S Smith (Bridlington Links GC) 70

5th: M Hodgson Mrs D Hodgson R Cole Mrs A Cole (Phoenix GC Foxton GC) 67

Bridlington GC

Gents 4BBB Medal

1st: D Williams D Broadhead (St Helens GC) 63

2nd: M Crichton P Turner (Coxmoor GC) 63

3rd: T Moore/J Sellars (Bridlington GC) 66

4th: G Woodhead/S Johnson (Howley Hall GC) 66

5th: T Hall/A Beston (Driffield GC) 67

6th: A Miles/J Carr (Malton GC) 67

7th: C Clayton/M Clayton (St Helens) 68

8th: B Murphy/P Mitchell (Laceby GC) 68

9th: M Allenby/S Stones (Cleethorpes GC) 68

10th: P Turner/M Rainford (Bridlington Links GC) 68

Thursday, May 5

Flamborough Head GC

Ladies Texas Scramble

1st: J Ellis L Rushworth A Maher J Peacock (Driffield GC) 60.7

2nd: S Baron J Bemrose M Allen K North (Bridlington GC Cottingham GC) 64.1

3rd: J Green J Swift D Hodgson A Cole (Burnley GC Nelson GC Phoenix GC Foxton GC) 64.1

4th: L Lucas M Smith K Batty C Atkin (Ganstead Park GC) 65.1

Bridlington Links GC

Gents Texas Scramble

1st: M Smith A White D Tickle A Burton (Blakeley GC) 58.8

2nd: R Boston N Bristowe G Wood A Raines (Driffield GC) 59.0

3rd: D Hibbert S Winner R Barker M Bottomley (Malton GC) 59.1

4th: A Miles J Carr D Newsome J James (Malton GC) 59.4

5th: D Sayer W Sayer J Peacock S Barker (Rufford GC)

6th: A Olbison B Thomson P Williams A Mitchell (Bridlington Links GC) 59.8

Friday, May 6

Bridlington Links GC

Over 50’s Gents/Ladies 4BBB Stableford


1st: K Maleedy/D Stafford (St. Helens GC) 41

2nd: A Miles/J Carr (Malton GC) 41

3rd: E Gooderham/B Wilson (Cottingham GC) 41

4th: D Bulmer/P Warren (Selby/Owston Hall GC) 40

5th: C Duggleby/W Robson (Driffield/Bridlington GC) 40

6th: A Hirst/P Pitchforth (Bradley Hall GC) 39


1st: K Brooks/C Atkinson-Dell (Driffield GC) 39

2nd: B Taylor/S Keating (Driffield GC) 38

3rd: J Bratten/J Baron (Driffield/Flamborough Head GC) 37

4th: C McCormack/J Metcalfe (Bridlington GC) 36

5th: A Tomlinson/J Sperring (Ormonde Fields) 36

Bridlington GC

Gents/Ladies 4BBB Stableford


1st: T Sutcliffe/R Mulliss (Shirland) 47

2nd: T Hall/R Veston (Driffield GC) 46

3rd: T Moore/S Bentley (Bridlington GC) 45

4th: P Chatterton/L Nicholls (Bridlington GC) 43

5th: J Sellars/C Rowell (Bridlington GC) 42

6th: M Smith/D Tickle (Blakeley) 42

7th: S Barker/P Portlock (Flamborough Head/Bridlington Links GC) 42

8th: K Brown/N Harvey (Bridlington GC) 42


1st: G Hirst/H Bingley (Flamborough Head GC) 42

2nd: H Neale/L Knights (Chesterfield) 39

3rd: D Shippey/S Hall (Flamborough Head GC) 39

Saturday 6th: May

Bridlington GC Mixed Team Am/Am

1st: D Fraser P Brown Mrs M Evans Mrs M Ratherham (Bridlington/Cottingham GC) 132

2nd: D Bridges P Warren Mrs K Bridges Mrs D Warren (Owston Hall GC) 137

3rd: P Cliff J Sumner Mrs G Hirst Mrs M Sunley (Flamborough Head GC) 139

4th: D Rushworth E maher Mrs L Rushworth Mrs A Maher (Driffiled GC) 139

5th: T Towse A Hague Mrs S Towse Mrs P Hague (Flamborough Head/Malton GC) 140

6th: T Howarth W Barron Mrs J Howarth Mrs B Barron (Bridlington/Dewsbury GC) 141

Flamborough Head GC Gents 4BBB Medal

1st: K Doona/S Lambert (Flamborough Head/Tinsley Park GC) 61

2nd: M Smith/D Tickle (Blakeley) 62

3rd: R Booth/M Murthar (Shirland) 63

4th: R Mulliss/T Sutcliffe (Shirland) 63

5th: M Davenport/B Murphy (Cleethorpes) 63

6th: C Clayton/M Roberts (St Helens) 64

7th: D Sayers/J Peacock (Rufford GC) 64

8th: D Copley/D Horsey (Flamborough head GC) 64

9th: D Paterson/C Burrows (Drax GC) 64

10th: P Paterson/N Roberts (Drax GC) 64