‘Fix roads for Tour de Yorkshire’

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A motorcyclist who says the state of roads in Bridlington caused him to have an accident is calling on action to be taken before the Tour de Yorkshire.

Glenn Walker was travelling towards Bessingby Industrial Estate on 16 February at around 4 pm, when his motorbike hit a pothole and skidded on loose chippings, causing him to lose control and crash his bike.

He said: “I think it’s absolutely disgraceful. I have had nothing but problems with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council trying to resolve this.

“It got to the point where I had to go down to Bridlington Central Library to see councillors Chris Matthews and Chad Chadwick. They said they couldn’t believe it and someone will be sent to inspect the roads.

“I want the council to pay for the damage to my bike and helmet and a new bike jacket as smashed the elbow protection in the accident all in all it totals to about £550.

“It is mad the council would not sort any of this. I just want the pothole fixing and my bike fixing.

“I pay road tax to travel on safe roads but this was not the case that day.”

Mr Walker added the state of roads in Bridlington not only pose a hazard for road users, particularly motorcyclists, but also for the upcoming Tour de Yorkshire cycling event.

He said: “I fear Bridlington may get publicity for all the wrong reasons. We might be known as the town where cyclists fell off their bikes because of the state of our roads.”

A spokesperson for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “Mr Walker has been in touch with our insurance section and was advised of the council’s claims procedure. The process involves making a claim in writing and Mr Walker was also advised that he could visit one of our customer service centres who could also provide assistance in making the claim in writing should this be required.”