Five wins out of seven

Billy Gibson
Billy Gibson

OVER the last two weeks Bridlington boxers have been in action all over the north of England.

Two weeks ago four Bridlington boxers travelled to Liverpool to box. First to box was Lewis Spaven who was up against Francis Breen of the Rotunda ABC.

The very large ring worked in Spaven’s favour he was scoring well and able to keep out of the way of the home boxer and control the bout.

After three rounds the decision was awarded to Spaven.

Next to box was Billy Gibson taking to the ring for his second bout after winning his debut at the Bridlington Spa last month. He was boxing John Doyle from Rotunda ABC.

The bout was only matched up very late the night before the show due to Doyle’s original opponent pulling out thus not giving Gibson much notice.

The first round seemed extremely long and Gibson, being the shorter boxer had to work very hard to get close in such a big ring.

After the first round the Liverpool boxer was probably slightly up.

Gibson had a lot better start to the second round and started scoring well coming through the middle of his opponents gloves with his shots and was catching the Liverpool boxer at ease.

However the Liverpool boxer didn’t make it easy for Gibson and it was a close affair to the finish but the decision was

awarded to the Bridlington boxer.

Kier Herrgesell was next in to the ring and had a very difficult opponent in Kieron McMahon also from the Rotunda ABC who came to the ring with a record of 18 bouts and 14 wins.

Herrgesell immediately went on the offensive and put pressure on for the entire three rounds but the home boxer soaked up the pressure well and landed some good shots of his own.

It was a very close bout and at the end a close judges’ decision was awarded to McMahon.

The final boxer to compete was Aaron Boyes against Adam Undsworth from Rotunda ABC.

The two had met 18 months ago in which Undsworth had emerged the winner. Both boxers wanted to put pressure on and both landed some good shots on the inside.

Undsworth was working well at times on the back foot but the Bridlington boxer kept going forward and forcing him to cover up.

After three close rounds of boxing this time it was Boyes who got the nod from the judges.

LAST Thursday the club travelled to Leeds with two boxers. Lewis Spaven was in action again, this time against Bradley Dexter of the Sharkey’s ABC in Leeds.

Dexter was the bigger of the two boxers and kept forcing Spaven on the back foot.

But Spaven’s superior hand and foot speed meant he was landing well on the counter.

Going into the last round Spaven changed the game plan a bit and started going on the attack a bit and managed to score a few points at a time.

After the three rounds of boxing a unanimous decision was awarded to Spaven.

The other Bridlington boxer was Tom Wray who was boxing Kieran Devenish of Kellys ABC in Leeds.

Wray had only been in the gym for a week-and-a-half after illness and gave four years away in age but hewent on the attack from the beginning as usual.

At times he struggled to get through the very long reach of Devenish but when he did he scored some good shots.

Towards the end of the third round Wray began to tire a little and a quick flurry at the end from Devenish managed to score him enough points to win a majority decision from the judges.

ON Sunday the club travelled to Grimsby to take part in a show in aid of Help for Heroes.

Unfortunately, Tom Hebden’s opponent pulled out on the morning of the show due to flu leaving only Zac Stabler competing.

He was boxing Pete Love Jr of Grimsby School of Boxing who was only a day short of being a year older than Stabler.

He was bigger in size and Stabler had to work really hard and he did put in one of his best ever performances and a few times caught the Grimsby boxer with some very big shots which surprised the whole crowd when the referee did not issue a count.

Love got off some good flurries of shots but Stabler covered up well and not many managed to score.

After three very tiresome rounds of boxing it was Stabler who got the decision from the judges to make it three wins in a row.

Head coach Damien Grant said: “The lads have been training really hard and it is paying off in the ring now with five wins out of the last seven contests with some of the lads facing some very difficult opponents.”