First roller derby event is ‘amazing afternoon’ at Spa

Sammy Whammy (red shirt) as lead jammer for Team Vampires.
Sammy Whammy (red shirt) as lead jammer for Team Vampires.

Bridlington’s first roller derby event has been described as ‘an amazing afternoon’ which will hopefully be the start of regular bouts at the Spa.

The event, called Trackula, featured two matches, one featuring up-and-coming local players and another showcasing the skills of more experienced teams from Birmingham and Leeds.

Bout organiser Donna Walker, from the Brid Rock and Rollers, said: “Trackula was a huge success and went better than anticipated.

“Usually a team’s first home bout is filled with things that go wrong or were forgotten about during planning. I am happy to say that the only hiccup was forgetting to label the ‘penalty box chairs’, which was easily remedied.”

Brid Rock and Rollers teamed up with skaters from Deathrow in Hull to form Team Vampires’, and the rest of the inexperienced skaters made up Team Werewolves.

Inevitably, it was a penalty-filled game which saw the Werewolves win. Andrea ‘Cake-a-nator’ Ward won the Vampires’ award for best blocker, and Samantha ‘Sammy Whammy’ Fraser won the best jammer award, despite receiving seven penalties and being excluded from the game in the second half.

After the interval the audience saw the Birmingham Blitz Dames beaten by the Hot Wheel Roller Derby team.

Walker added: “Brid Rock and Rollers were able to learn a lot from this, as some of our team had not seen a game played in full before.

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the team for pulling together and making this happen, but also to the Spa, for believing in us, the sponsors, for their investment and to the entire Roller Derby community for their help.

“It was an amazing afternoon and I am proud to have been a part of that. We had a lot of comments, both on the day and afterwards, saying how awesome it was and how everyone involved couldn’t wait to come back and play in the Spa again.

”Our plans for the year coming are to recruit new skaters, male and female, new referees and put a team of non-skating officials together.

“Brid Rock and Rollers are still searching for somewhere to train. unfortunately, we are still limited to half of the sports hall for one hour. ideally we need the full hall, due to the size of the track, for at least two hours, twice weekly.

“If anyone is interested in being a part of roller derby, either on or off skates, they can call or text me 07889 602847.”