First home defeat of the season

Mick Ridsdale tackles, Martin Robinson looks to get a quick heel
Mick Ridsdale tackles, Martin Robinson looks to get a quick heel

Bridlington RUFC 5

Pocklington RUFC 17

POCKLINGTON kicked off the match and immediately put their mark on the game, as the forwards battled their way up the park, forcing Bridlington to concede a number of penalties as they went.

Bridlington could not seem to get a grip on the game or the ball for that matter, but eventually when they were only five metres from their own try line they were awarded a penalty.

This was taken quickly but they only managed to reach the 22 metre line where yet another penalty was awarded to the visitors, a poor attempt at the goal fell into the arms of Ryan Girking, who cleared back to the halfway line.

Before long Bridlington found themselves defending the line again, as the forwards drove over the try line, only to be held up by a great Bridlington defensive effort holding the ball up.

With both teams opting to kick the ball at every opportunity, the rest of the first half saw each team getting close to the try line only for either a penalty, or the ball being turned over and kicked back up field.

At the break the score remained 0-0.

Bridlington came out fighting in the second half as they progressed up the field, a quick throw in by Michael Ridsdale to Sizwe Zondo and the forwards attacked again.

Ridsdale picked from the base of the ruck feeding Mark Oliver, who made it over the try line with the help of the forwards for the first try of the match.

Pocklington replied immediately as they moved up the park, then winning a penalty within range of the posts, which they kicked successfully.

Again the teams resorted to the kicking game, with neither really gaining any ground as the ball seemed to be returned each time it was kicked.

Both sets of forwards had good passages of play, with both sets of backs not able to break through the defence of the other.

But then as Bridlington were attacking the Pocklington full back put in an excellent kick, into the 22 metre chased by the whole team, where they managed to recycle, the backs broke through the line, despite a great tackle by Gareth Roberts, they were over for their first try of the match.

A few minutes later, the ball was again chipped over the defence for the Pocklington backs to chase, this time the ball was dropped onto as the ball and player slid over the line.

Bridlington seemed to be on the defensive for most of the remainder of the game, but for a few breakouts by the backs supported by the forwards.

Neither team could improve on the scoreline, despite some good runs and great tackling by both sides.

Pocklington won a penalty in injury time and kicked the ball out to end the game.