Des’a has a Blast in Brid

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A martial artist with a wealth of international experience has moved to Bridlington to teach local youngsters, and his first set of students are already reaping the benefits of his knowledge.

Blast Fitness’ latest addition to their coaching team is Andy Des’a, who has once again qualified for the England Tae Kwon-Do team.

Des’a recently moved to the Bridlington area from Lincoln and has joined up with the gym to teach martial arts to local children.

The Blast Kickboxing Association youngsters, who are under his charge, recently went through just done their first grading and they all achieved their first belt.

Des’a said: “They’re great kids and they really want to learn. It’s awesome.”

Steve Tighe, who owns Blast Fitness, said: “The teaching package Andy has put together is great, using certain values such as discipline, self- control, confidence and social skills, not to mention fitness.

Away from training the next generation, Des’a is a three-time world champion, GB coach and tri-service champion, with a career which has earned him more than 160 titles from around the world.

“I’ve had such an amazing life with competing and can’t believe this is the 20th year I have captained the GB team. I want to give children, teenagers and adults a chance to experience some of the amazing feelings you get through competing,” said Des’a

“Steve offered me the opportunity to work with the people around Brid and is also letting me get involved in some of the other classes because of my personal training qualifications.”