Depleted Brid made to pay for slow start

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York RUFC 27

Bridlington RUFC 22

BRIDLINGTON were left ruing a poor start as their defence of the Yorkshire Shield ended in the Second Round at York.

On a day that saw most games cancelled, the pitch at York had stood up surprisingly well, with just a few bad patches.

Bridlington were forced into making many changes as five regular players were out injured, so they welcomed new South African forward Auryn Murray, Tom Brown, Oliver Stephenson, Will Davies, Tom Willson and Tom Hanson into the squad.

York kicked off the match, but straight into touch. This gave the advantage to Bridlington with a scrum on the halfway line.

Good running from Morgan Kinnaird and Ezra Luxton meant the visitors soon won a penalty just outside York’s 22, but this went wide.

Bridlington continued to pound the defence from the drop out, Ryan Girking catching the kick and running it back, linking with the forwards, who picked and drove at the defence.

York managed to clear their lines a couple of times by kicking up field. but Bridlington were able to secure the ball each time running it back at the home side.

York however managed to then string some phases together as they progressed up the field, catching and driving at the visitors from a lineout 15 metres from the line.

For phase after phase they attacked the Bridlington line until the visitors were awarded a scrum 10 metres from their line.

But the ball flew out of the back of the scrum, York were quickest to react, picking up the loose ball and diving over for the first try of the match, successfully converted.

York continued from the restart, attacking the visitors from the off, quickly moving up the field, then from just inside the half way line, the ball was spun wide through the backs, for the winger to run in for a try beneath the posts.

A high restart kick by Jamie Muru, immediately put York under pressure. Michael Ridsdale made a great run stopped as he reached the 22, the forwards then made some ground, before Muru chipped the defence. This was caught by the winger, but he was tackled immediately by Girking, five metres from the line.

Bridlington were penalised as they went over the top as they tried to secure the ball, giving York a chance to clear their line.

They continued to escape with a good run down the wing, and after a late tackle after the ball was kicked ahead, the referee showed a yellow card, reducing the visitors to 14 men, then took play to 15 metres from Bridlington’s line, where the ball had landed. The penalty was kicked successfully.

Bridlington began again to string phases together moving up the park, then wide passes from first Muru then Girking, gave Tom Willson space to run down the touch line.

Brid won a penalty as York went off their feet at the ruck and attacked from the lineout.

After a dummy by Muru, they were stopped two metres short of the line. The forwards recycled quickly, winning a scrum, then a free kick, which Martin Robinson took quickly and dived over from five metres to score, successfully converted by Muru, after hitting the upright.

Bridlington kept up the pressure from the restart, with good runs by Zolani Faba and Ali Sutton as they marched forward again, until York gave away a penalty, which Muru gladly kicked at goal.

York settled and then started playing good rugby again. Both teams battled for possession as each made ground before losing the ball.

However, York made the best of their possession as they again attacked the Bridlington defence, culminating in a try for the number 8 from 10 metres out.

The hosts led 24-10 at the break and the second half saw York continue to have possession of the ball, but great defence by Bridlington made it hard work for them, as they tried time and again to escape their half.

Good counter rucking by the Bridlington forwards, driving the home side back into their half, won a penalty as the referee showed a yellow card for the York winger.

It was not long before York regained the ball, but great defence by Bridlington kept York pinned in their 40.

New player Murray came on for Ridsdale, at number eight and was straight into the action with a scrum, but was equal to the task, picking from the base to give more time to Robinson who was able to make a good run.

York were soon on the attack again, but Murray put in a big tackle from which Bridlington turned the ball over, and Kinnaird made a good run secured by the forwards.

The visitors continued to attack, but their good possession ended each time there was a lineout, as they struggled to compete against York.

When they did finally win one, they eventually won a penalty when Murray was tackled before receiving the ball. From a quick tap Robinson was stopped five metres short, then Adam Dixon, Murray and Kinnaird were all thwarted.

Murray again dived forward, this time two metres short, but got the pass away to Ezra Luxton who dived over for a converted try.

There then followed another long period where each team had and lost possession, neither able to capitalise, as play moved back and forth between the 40 metre lines.

That was until York were able to get just inside Bridlington’s 22, winning a penalty which they kicked successfully at goal.

From a good restart kick by Bridlington, Robinson was able to knock the ball back into the arms of Murray, who made 10 metres before being stopped. The backs attacked from the ruck, feeding Luxton to pound his way into the 22.

First the backs, then the forwards, pounded the defence. Robinson made a run but was stopped five metres short and Murray was forced into touch a metre short of the line.

York cleared from the lineout, but Oliver Stephenson ran back at the defence from halfway, off loading to Dixon as he crossed the 22.

After great defence by York, ultimately the pressure told as Morgan Kinnaird dived over for a try, a drop kick for the conversion was missed, as Bridlington raced back ready to face the restart kick, with time running out.

York kicked direct into touch from the restart kick as it was the last play to end the game, but this should have resulted in a penalty to Bridlington.

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