Controversial decision is costly for the Mariners

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Bridlington Mariners 29

Beverley RUFC 2nds 32

HAVING not had a game for quite a long period, the players were keen to get stuck in, but this also meant that they were disjointed.

They had some good passages of play at times, but were denied a win by a controversial decision.

With no stand-off, Martin Robinson stepped forward, as the first team fixture against Stockton had been called off due to snow.

Beverley started the match, with a long kick which the Mariners were able to return.

Beverley returned this as well but it was too deep allowing the home side to touch down in goal, for a 22 drop out.

A long kick was well chased which forced Beverley to kick to touch 30 metres from their line. But Beverley were given a free kick for dummy through by the Mariners.

A quick tap then a high ball was put up to chase, Will Davies had to run back and recover the ball, kicking high himself, the ball dropping on half way.

But as Beverley ran the ball back the Mariners were penalised for off side. Beverley kicked this successfully at goal to open the scoring.

The Mariners exerted pressure on Beverley from the restart, pushing them back inside their 22.

Turning the ball over in a scrum the Mariners gave quick ball to Robinson who was able to kick a successful drop goal to level the score.

The Mariners continued to keep Beverley in their half from the restart again, Good play by the forwards saw Danny Palmer and Micky Edmonds linking well before the ball was passed to Oliver Stephenson,.

He kicked ahead, and the ball rolled into touch 15 metres from Beverley’s line.

With the lineout won, Beverley mounted an attack, then kicked ahead, but Matt Taylor gathered this and ran it back at them.

The forwards arrived and secured the ball for the backs, and a good run by Tom Brown broke through the defence. After another pass to Davies, the Mariners were up to Beverley’s 22, but were penalised as the forwards piled in to secure the ball.

Beverley resorted to kicking when their attacks were stopped, but managed to put another kick in for a lineout on Bridlington’s 22.

Good attacking play by Beverley won a penalty five metres from the Bridlington line, and they opted for a scrum but were kept out by a resilient Bridlington defence, until a quick ball to the centre allowed him to crash over for a converted try.

Beverley were then gifted a try by the referee as an offside player, following a kick ahead by Beverley, was ignored and the Bridlington players stood and watched, complaining about the offence, and not playing to the whistle.

Bridlington applied the pressure from the restart, again pinning Beverley in their 22, and eventually winning a penalty for offside, Robinson successfully kicked this at goal.

Beverley attacked from deep inside their half, with good runs by both centres, but they then kicked ahead for a lineout on Bridlington`s 40.

Following a good lineout by Beverley, they attacked through the backs but gave away a penalty for crossing.

With a quick tap, the Mariners ran the ball from deep in their half, Palmer again making a good run.

The backs attacked again but were turned over as they reached the halfway line.

Beverley attacked time and again as they marched up field, but great defensive tackles by the Mariners slowed their progress, but Beverley had the extra man as the ball was fired along the back line, enabling them to score another converted try.

Bridlington found themselves pinned in their 22 for a while, but a succession of penalties allowed them to escape.

Stringing phases together, they moved ever closer to the line, before being stopped 15 metres short.

From the scrum, the Beverley flanker was able to hack the ball long upfield.

The Mariners gathered themselves again, mounting yet another attack from deep, and went back to within 15 metres of the Beverley line in no time at all.

But Beverley again managed to escape, although a few minutes later Bridlington were again inside their 22, this time winning a penalty 10 metres from the line, which Robinson kicked.

Beverley had to attack from deep at the start of the second half, with the Mariners tackling well and slowing their advance.

A crash ball for the big centre was halted by Jayson Stephenson and Robinson, kicking ahead again as the progress was halted.

Taylor made a great run from inside his 22, crossing halfway before being stopped.

The Mariners put phases together themselves, marching upfield. A scrum 10 metres from the Beverley line, was turned into a Bridlington penalty as they drove before the ball was put in, taken quickly by Oliver Stephenson.

He fed the forwards, there were a couple of drives by them before the ball was passed to Martin Robinson, five metres from the line, and he drove over for an unconverted try.

Bridlington attacked straight from the restart, and a break by Tom Brown through the defence, saw him off-loading to Will Davies.

The ball was too low so Davies kicked it ahead, gave chase and was able to dive on it as it crossed the line, for an unconverted try.

Beverley made good progress from the restart, good defence once again by the Mariners, slowly pushing them away from the line, but Bridlington were penalised for not rolling away as a ruck was formed, and Beverley kicked successfully at goal to increase their score.

Bridlington dug deep for the rest of the half, but despite another try and penalty for Robinson, they ran out of time, but had the better of the possession.

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