Committed Bridlington win thrilling gala night

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Saturday night’s packed audience at Leisure World saw a cracking friendly gala, where events were well contested, with lots of exciting races.

Bridlington Swimming Club showed great commitment, summed up by Danielle Coverdale, who struggled with an injured ankle but still swam all her races and produced a personal best time.

The younger swimmers are improving their racing techniques and getting used to the gala format. The result was close with BSC gaining a well deserved first place.

Jessie Larsen, Matilda Hall, Libby Marshall and Brooke Hughes won the 4x25m medley relay and Conor Benson, Ethan Ward, Archie Ward and Dru Hall won the 4x25m freestyle relay.

Benson, Larsen, Frankie Gascoigne, Emily Larsen, Liam Birchill, Rebecca Witty and Hughes, Hall, Asquith, Ellie Tanner, D.Coverdale, Naomi Benson won the 6 x 25m freestyle cannons.

Individual winners were Tanner, Libby Marshall(2), Naomi Benson, Ward, Larsen and Gascoigne. Ellis Jacobs gained two personal bests representing Bridlington for the first time.

Result: 1: Bridlington, 2: Kingfishers, 3: Whitby, 4: Ryedale, 5: New Earswick.