Club’s biggest catch for a number of years

Angie Skelton with her 10lb 3oz cod.
Angie Skelton with her 10lb 3oz cod.

The highlight of January’s competitions for Bridlington Shore Anglers was a 10lb cod landed by Angie Skelton.

Her catch came while fishing on the cliffs north of Bridlington on 22 January, which proved to be an excellent way to celebrate her birthday.

Skelton said: “It was a good birthday present. It was the biggest one we have had for a lot of years in the club.

“It was a decent bite so I knew it was a good size but I couldn’t believe it was 10lb. It took two of us to get it up

“This is the best season we have had for years and there have been some big ones up north but not around here

Skelton, who has only returned to fishing this season after a long-standing shoulder injury, also landed a 6lb cod in October.

But January’s catch is still not her biggest. That record stands at 12lbs 12oz.

Monthly results

Wednesday 8 January

Heaviest fish: 1 Chris Anderson 4-6-6, 2 Jon Richardson 3-0-2.

Heaviest catch: Steve Scaife 3-5-0.

Heaviest other fish: Jamie Leppington 0-8-8.

Sunday 12 January

Heaviest fish: 1 Angie Skelton 3-5-4, 2 Jon Richardson 3-1-6.

Heaviest catch: Tom Marshall 3-15-8.

Wednesday 15 January (League match)

Heaviest fish: Tom Marshall 6-13-8.

Heaviest catch: Jon Richardson 10-8-2.

Sunday 19 January

Heaviest fish: 1 Steve Lount 3-5-2, 2 Chris Anderson 2-12-10.

Heaviest catch: Tom Marshall 4-0-8.

Wednesday 22 January

Heaviest fish: 1 Angie Skelton 10-3-0, 2 Tom Marshall 3-1-6.

Heaviest catch: Mally Skelton 3-12-0.

Heaviest other fish: Ben Cawthorn.

Wednesday 29 January

Heaviest fish: Tom Marshall 2-3-0.

Heaviest catch: Mally Skelton 1-15-4.