Charlotte makes boxing history

Bridlington Club for Young People'First Girl Boxer Charlotte Jarvis'PA1109-6a
Bridlington Club for Young People'First Girl Boxer Charlotte Jarvis'PA1109-6a

CHARLOTTE Jarvis is set to make history later this month when she becomes the first girl to represent Bridlington ABC in a competitive fight.

The 13-year-old is lined up to make her debut at the club’s next boxing show at the Spa on March 18, achieving the ambition she has been working towards for months.

Mum Tracy said: “She has been going for just short of two years and last year they asked if she wanted to move out of the juniors and train with the seniors.

“She was one of the first girls to do that and now she is training with 20 or 30 lads three times a week. They are all used to her now.

“I think at first, they took it easy on her when she was sparring, to see what she was like, and then they stepped it up a bit.

“She has sparred with a couple of girls before at other clubs, who are a similar size and weight and she absolutely loves it.”

The Bridlington School pupil took up boxing after her brother Ben started going to the club.

“He came back and said it was good and Charlotte asked if girls could go,” said Tracy.

She has already won Most Improved Junior Boxer at the club and mum admits she had ‘her heart set’ on being the first girl to represent the club.

Tracy added: “I think she will be really nervous, although she has met her opponent and they seem very evenly matched.

“Her dad Richard will be nervous too, probably more than me, because I go down to the gym to pick her up so I have seen a bit of her training.”