Champions rewarded for 12 months of effort

13 and 14 year girls winners: Danielle Coverdale and Ellie Hughes
13 and 14 year girls winners: Danielle Coverdale and Ellie Hughes

The winners at Bridlington Swimming Club’s club championships were recognised at a presentation night.

Hosted by the club chairman Kev Sissons, all the swimmers who came away with plenty of medals as the club also rewarded youngsters who had excelled throughout the previous 12 months.

Dalton Green and Corbin Millward

Dalton Green and Corbin Millward

As well as cups and medals for the winners of all four strokes and the individual medleys at the championships, the chairman and coaches also presented awards for attendance to Tom King for the boys and Danielle Coverdale for the girls.

Head coach Chris Hill wanted to present a coaches cup this year to note the swimmers’ hard work, commitment and improvement over the past year.

He presented the junior coaches cup to Jessica Robson and the senior coaches cup to Coverdale.

He said: “It has been a successful year with plenty of ups and downs but the club is now looking forward to 2016 in the new pool at Leisure World with a clear vision of going onwards and upwards.”

Dru Hall and Conor Benson

Dru Hall and Conor Benson

The club championships were held during November, and for many of the younger swimmers it was their first event of its kind, providing a great opportunity to gain some personal best times.

There was a great turnout and the swimmers put in all their effort against each other, making it a great competition.

There were some very close finishes making races an exciting affair for the watching parents.

A total of 129 personal best times were recorded, which was an amazing tally.

Rebecca Witty and Katie Nicholson

Rebecca Witty and Katie Nicholson

Chris Halliday acted as club referee with Hill and Paul Nicholson as team coaches. Helen Morland and Judith Halliday were judging the events and Stuart Hebden was chief time-keeper, making sure all the races were timed correctly by the volunteer time-keepers.

Mandy Witty collated all the results as they came in.

If you would like any further information regarding the swimming club, youn can visit their website, the club’s facebook page or ring 01262-830120.

○The Swim Start Swim School is hoping to train up plenty of youngsters who are ready to start competitive swimming during 2016.

The school, which only began two years ago, already has 200 children receiving weekly lessons. Only one has made the step up to Bridlington Swimming Club so far, but the school is hoping to send more youngsters to the club this year.

It has started operating at a second venue, the Swim Centre in Windsor Crescent, as well as at the Palms Leisure Club at Carnaby.

School owner Kirsty Skeates said: “We only have four children in a class, and our teachers are in the water at all times.

“We go from parent and child classes, to pre-school and then work towards children being able to swim 25 metres in each stroke, so they are ready for the swimming club.”

For details, call 07849 256736.