Bridlington pool trio hoping for the luck of the Irish

Jonny Lincoln, Paul Stroud and Dug McCall
Jonny Lincoln, Paul Stroud and Dug McCall

HAVE you heard the one about the salesman, the shopkeeper and the taxi driver who went to Dublin?

It sounds like the start of a joke, but three Bridlington pool players will be taking things very seriously when they represent England in the Nations Cup.

Jonny Lincoln, Paul Stroud and Dug McCall head to Blanchardstown in the Irish capital for a week-long event featuring the five home nations.

McCall said: “It is quite an achievement for this town. With the Bridlington Pool League adopting blackball rules for the new season, this is a great chance to put Bridlington on the pool map.

“It can only help us to bring more young local pool players through to follow in our footsteps.”

With his strong Scottish accent, he knows he may get some stick about being called up for England. “I was born in Scotland but have lived in England for 22 years. Now I am going to Ireland to play, all I need is a pair of socks with a Welsh dragon on and I have it all covered.”

McCall and Lincoln play for Stirling Knights and will be in the England B1 squad. For them it is their third international appearance, but Stroud, who plays for the Coachman, is making his debut and will be in the B2 Seniors team.

As well as the team event, the trio will also be involved in individuals and doubles tournaments.