Bridlington director of rugby steps down

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After leading his team to Twickenham last season, Rich Girking has stepped down as Bridlington’s director of rugby.

He will be replaced by Jamie Muru, who coached the first team during 2012/13, and who came out of retirement to play again during the season.

Girking admits he had second thoughts after the National Intermediate Final against Brighton Blues, but has decided to step aside from his post.

He said: “It was the plan for me to just do one year. I thought about carrying in, especially after Twickenham, but if you haven’t got the time to do the job, it can backfire.

“Jamie was doing a lot of the coaching last season, while I got involved in the organisational side of things. I thoroughly enjoyed the year. We had a good start, a bad middle and a great end, and our training reflected that too.

“Getting to Twickenham was brilliant, it really was something special but a lot of people helped and did a great job along the way.

“We had lost maybe half a team at the start of last year, through retirements, injuries, people leaving the area and other reasons, so it was tough at times.

“I’ve got a grandchild on the way in three weeks, and I know much of your time this job takes. If (son) Ryan is going to keep playing for the first team, I might be needed to look after the pram on Saturday afternoons, but Jamie and Mark Floyd also know that if they want any advice, I’ll still be about.”

Girking is hoping to get involved with promoting rugby to local schools and is looking to head to some Six Nations games as a spectator.

“Since I was 17 I have been involved with Bridlington, either playing or coaching, and I’ve never had the chance to do anything else so I’m planning to go to watch some international rugby.”