Bridlington boxers Precious and Asquith star at home and abroad

James Precious, red gloves, in action
James Precious, red gloves, in action

Two young Bridlington boxers hit top form last weekend at home and abroad.

James Precious was boxing in a Yorkshire final for the CYP championships.

Emily Asquith

Emily Asquith

He was facing the experienced Lenny Davidson of the Hunselt Boxing Club.

Precious had moved up two weight divisions since his last competition and showed that he belonged at the new weight as he matched the strength of Davidson and managed to maintain a high pace and used good footwork to keep scoring.

Precious was made to work hard throughout the rounds but the Bridlington corner felt they had won both the first two rounds.

Davidson came with more purpose in the last and both boxers were landing scoring blows to create an entertaining last round for the crowd.

After the three rounds it went to the judges, who were unanimous in awarding Precious the Yorkshire title and he will now go forward to box in a national pre-quarter-final on November 18.

Another Bridlington boxer who is entering into the championships is Emily Asquith.

She was exempt from attending the initial stage as she was travelling to France over the weekend with the England squad for an international tournament.

Asquith boxed twice against the same opponent.

The first contest came on the Saturday evening and a new experience for Asquith as she faced an opponent who was taller than herself.

Being the shorter boxer did not put Asquith off and she used head movement well to avoid attacks while landing some good shots of her own.

After a slow first round Asquith began to pick up the pace in the second, showing superior fitness and a good shot selection to begin widening the gap.

The third was much the same with Asquith coming on stronger and stronger to take the decison from the judges.

Boxing twice in two days was a new experience for Asquith as she took to the ring on Sunday afternoon for the second contest.

Asquith got stronger and stronger as the bout went on and in the last round her opponent was given a standing count from the referee before reaching the final bell.

When the judges gave their decision it was another unanimous win for the England boxer.

Head coach Damien Grant said “It’s no surprise or accident that these two young Bridlington boxers are doing as well as they are.

“They train extremely hard to compete at the level they are doing.

“Cold morning runs and long weekends of training are a regular occurrence for both of them and the commitment they show is unrivalled.

“They both deserve all the success that they are achieving at the moment.”

Bridlington Boxing Club will this Saturday, November 11, stage its first major boxing show at their brand-new venue, the CYP Sports Centre, on Gypsey Road.

The doors will open at 7.15pm with the first bell going at approximately 8pm.

Tickets for the boxing show are priced at £10 for adults and £5 for under -12s and they will be available on the door or by calling into the centre beforehand.