Brid young guns tackle Namibians

Namibia Sport for Jesus in action against Bridlington Under-12s
Namibia Sport for Jesus in action against Bridlington Under-12s

Bridlington RUFC Under-12s played host to a strong Namibian touring team at Dukes Park at the weekend.

The tourists came to Dukes Park on the suggestion of South African Mauritz Thirion, who is now working in Namibia. Thirion played for Bridlington’s first team in the 2005-06 season.

The Namibian coach then donned a pair of borrowed boots and had 10 minutes playing for Brid’s third team.

Namibia Sport for Jesus were a very well-drilled and disciplined side which gave some of Brid's new Under-12s a great chance to challenge themselves against such a good side.

From the kick-off the Namibians went on the attack however some great defensive efforts as a team stopped the early pressure.

The tourists realised early doors that they would not be able to break through the middle of the Brid players, however the skill-set they possessed enabled them to pass the ball from one side of the pitch to the other. This inevitably created space which Namibia Sport capitalised upon to start scoring.

Bridlington YDO Paddy Waines said: "Brid went a couple of tries down but their heads did not, they came back stronger and started playing some good attacking rugby, the strength when carrying the ball and some good rucking saw the hosts working their way up the pitch towards the Namibia's try-line.

"Unfortunately some good defending and a couple of mistakes from Brid stopped the charge in motion. This was to be the tale for the rest of the game, however all of the Bridlington players stayed positive throughout and as a result played some great rugby.

"It was a great opportunity and test for all the Bridlington players who to a man did the shirt proud."