BOXING: Great end to the season

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Bridlington ABC held their final show of the season at the Hornsea Floral Hall last Friday, with nine local boxers on the bill.

Bridlington ABC held their final show of the season at the Hornsea Floral Hall last Friday, with nine local boxers on the bill.

Head coach Damien Grant said: “It was a great evening of boxing. Some of our more experienced boxers Aaron Boyes, Zac Stabler, Kier Herrgesell, Darren Boyes and Liam Bowtell were all unavailable due to championships, illness and injury so it was up to some of the younger and less experienced boxers to step up to the mark and put on a good performance.

“They stepped up to this challenge well and despite it having been a long and hard season they dug deep one last time and put in some very mature performances.”

Stabler was unable to compete on the show due to competing in the national semi final of the Junior ABA Championships in Birmingham on Sunday.

He boxed Thomas Scott of the Olympian ABC in Sunderland. From the first bell it was clear that Stabler was too strong for his opponent and the referee was having to stop the contest every 10 or15 seconds to caution Scott for holding or pushing.

Towards the end of the first round Scott was given a public warning and deducted two points for holding on. In the second round Stabler carried on with his game plan and when Scott held on, Stabler tried his best to free himself. After more continued holding and a futher two public warnings the referee disqualified Scott and awarded the contest to Stabler.

He will now box this weekend in the national final in Mansfield where he will go for his second English title in two years. He is also guaranteed a place on the England squad at this year’s Tri Nations Tournament.

Meanwhile, back at the Hornsea show, some of his Bridlington team-mates were bringing the season to a close in style.

Tom Boyes v Ethan Martin (St Paul’s ABC)

The first bout of the evening was a skills contest, this means there was no winner or loser just three one-minute rounds to give the boxers the experience of competing in front of a crowd.

Boyes started off well landing shots to the head and some very good shots to the body, his movement was good and he managed to keep a good guard throughout.

Both boxers remained tidy throughout the contest and the referee did not have to stop them once for any fouls. After three rounds, the MC congragulated both boxers on an excellent bout.

Adam Church v Alec Beaumont (West Hull ABC)

The two boxers have already had two skills contests with each other previously but this time it was a competitive contest.

Church started off putting pressure on but was caught on his way in. Both boxers were scoring highly but it was Beaumont who was landing more of the convincing shots.

It was toe to toe for the three rounds and it was Beaumont who got the unanimous decision for the judges.

James Precious v Corey Dimblebey (East Hull ABC)

Precious began putting pressure on from the first bell.

Dimblebey struggled with the strength of Pressure and although he wasn’t as sharp as he can be he never took a step backwards. as the contest went on Dimblebey began to tire more and more with the constant pressure and late on in the third round found himself stranded on the ropes.

Precious used a good range of shots and despite most of these landing on the gloves Dimblebey did not throw anything in return and was just covering up forcing the referee to step in and give a standing eight count.

After the count Dimblebey indicated to the referee that he did not want to continue and the contest was awarded to Precious.

Billy Gibson v George Edward Smith (Mickey’s ABC)

The two boxers met a few months ago in which Smith was the victor however it is a contest that Gibson had been longing for a return match.

Gibson was the stronger of the two boxers and began very busy, not letting smith get into his stride. He was advancing quickly and landing some big blows.

Gibson kept up this assault for the first two rounds with Smith having little in reply. During the third round Gibson carried on his assault but began getting caught occasionally on the way in but the work he had done in the opening two rounds was more than enough to secure the win from the judges.

Ben Malone v Matthew Croxhall (Attleborough ABC)

Malone has enjoyed great success this season and has developed well. He came to the ring with a great confidence and this transferred into his boxing.

He began quick landing two-three shot combinations at range before moving off before getting caught. He was sharp with his hands and feet stepped up the pace when he caught his opponent.

During the third round the toll of a long hard season began to catch up with Malone as he very began to tire which is completely out of character as he is normally very fit.

Croxhall began to come into the fight a little more but Malone managed to keep battling and keep scoring to hold on for a unanimous points win from the Judges.

Leah Smith v Lilly Devlin (Attleborough ABC)

Smith stepped into the ring for her first competitive contest and did not have it easy, facing the Norfolk-based boxer who had already been involved in three competitive contests.

Smith began on the front foot throwing and landing shots straight down the middle.

However, Devlin was not phased by these and returned some big blows of her own. It was a high-scoring contest with momentum swinging back and forwards.

In the second round Smith took a big shot causing her to take a standing eight count but she showed guts in coming back from it to keep battling.

After three rounds it was Devlin who took a well-earned decision from the judges.

Tom Hebden v Ryan Towler (South Durham ABC)

Hebden used his feet well moving in and out of range landing some good straight shots. When his opponent covered up Hebden stepped into range to land the big body shots which slowed Towler down.

Towler tried to battle back and did land some good shots of his own and occasionally managed to corner Hebden but the Bridlington boxer managed in the main to keep out of trouble and after three rounds he gained the points decision from the judges.

The good performance from Hebden saw him voted Best Bridlington Boxer of the night by the MC Gary Gibson.

Roan Stanley v Taylor Dean (Attleborough ABC)

Stanley was having his first contest in quite some time due to having had braces in.

He started wearily, not throwing too many shots but concentrating on not getting hit. In the second he began to settle down more and work off his strong jab, and he landed some big jabs that knocked back the head of Dean.

Stanley carried these on into the third round but Dean worked well getting inside of Stanley’s range and landing some goes shots of his own.

After three rounds of boxing it was a close majority decision and went in favor of Dean from the Norfolk-based club .

Paul Dean v Dean Croft (York ABC)

Dean began very patiently, not rushing in and picking off his jab and occasionally landing a big back hand.

Croft tried his best to rush the Bridlington boxer but Dean moved out the way well. It was a low-scoring opening round but one the Dean came out of on top.

The second round was much of the same for the first minute with the second half of the round been more toe to toe with both boxers boxing at close range. the third round saw another two minutes of close range boxing. at the end of the contest, which was the final one of the evening it was Dean who was awarded a unanimous win from the judges.

Pictures from the Hornsea show in this week’s Free Press.