Blades get a helping hand from Lords

Joy Fleetham challenges Charlotte Wardell, aged 11
Joy Fleetham challenges Charlotte Wardell, aged 11

Bridlington Blades are looking forward to the new season after receiving a donation of £1,000 from the Lord Feoffees.

The money has been used to buy plenty of new equipment for the fencing club, which is also hoping to find new members in forthcoming weeks.

Jessica and Naomi Mainprize under instruction from Wayne Mainprize

Jessica and Naomi Mainprize under instruction from Wayne Mainprize

Club president Joy Fleetham said: “Fencing is a sport where equipment is very expensive.

“To kit a fencer out, you are looking at around £200, minimum.

“We never turn anyone away, and we would like to see more families join us, so we provide all the equipment, 
because it would be so expensive for a family to buy their own.

“Another problem is that as soon as any equipment has the slightest thing wrong with it, we have to throw it away, so we are always needing to replace items.

Bridlington Blades Fencing Club

Bridlington Blades Fencing Club

“On behalf of all the club members, I would like to thank the Lord Feoffees for their kind donations.

“They don’t know what a difference it has made to us.”

The £1,000 was used to buy a number of epee, foil and sabre swords, a large kit bag and chest protectors for female fencers.

However, the battle to raise more money is ongoing.

Mrs Fleetham, who is 82 and has been fencing for 18 years, said: “Every day I am thinking about how we can raise the profile of the sport.

“I have written to Prince Harry and The Queen and I give a lot of talks and fencing demonstrations around Bridlington.

“I throw myself whole-heartedly into fund-raising.

“We are desperate for equipment for the disabled.

“We used to have disabled fencers but there are new rules and regulations about what equipment they have to use, and a new chair costs £2,000.”

The Blades are keen to hear from any local organisations who would like to sponsor the club or help them to buy more kit.

The Blades club has been running for around 25 years.

It meets every Thursday during term-time at Bridlington Sports Centre in Gypsey Road, from 7pm to 9pm.

It is looking forward to moving to the new Leisure World complex when it opens next year.

Newcomers get their first lesson free and the club is open to anyone aged eight and over.

For more details, call Mrs Fleetham on 675542.