Bid to attract ex-members

Brid Golf Club'Anthony Howarth Golf Pro & Grounds Man'PA0709-3c'Anthony Howarth
Brid Golf Club'Anthony Howarth Golf Pro & Grounds Man'PA0709-3c'Anthony Howarth

OVER the past 10 years golf clubs throughout the UK have experienced a huge turnaround in membership numbers.

A recent survey highlighted the fact that a decade ago 70% of all golfers in the UK were members of a golf club.

This percentage has now completely reversed and the 70% figure now applies to non golf club members. This is having a huge impact on the survival of many golf clubs.

Anthony Howarth, director of golf at Bridlington Golf Club said: “There are many benefits to being a member of a golf club and with new directives from the English Golf Union and CONGU (national authority in charge of golf handicaps) the need to be attached or affiliated to a golf club is far more relevant as many golf clubs from this year will restrict access to golfers without an official CONGU handicap.

“For many people the cost of membership at a golf club is one of the main factors for not joining but we are delighted to announce a new affordable membership offer at Bridlington Belvedere Golf Club designed to attract more non member golfers to join one of the East Coast’s premier golf clubs.

“The new “affiliation” membership is available to all golfers (male and female) who have not been in active membership for a period of 12 months.

“The special offer to become an “affiliated” member is only £150 for a 12 month period.

“This includes six rounds of golf (with access to specified competitions) which will enable each affiliated member the opportunity to obtain an officially monitored CONGU Handicap (accepted throughout the UK and Europe) and also offers social membership of the golf club to each affiliated member and their partner.

“Affiliated members may upgrade to full membership at any time within the 12 month period.

“This unique offer is directly aimed at new golfers wanting to take the next step into membership and also those who are looking at getting back into the game. “

For full details, contact Anthony Howarth on 606367 or 674721.