Belt set for tour

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ALEX Belt has left the big British freeze behind and headed to Spain to start several months of tournament golf.

ALEX Belt has left the big British freeze behind and headed to Spain to start several months of tournament golf.

The recent snow has meant getting out on the fairways has been impossible at times in the UK, so his preparation has involved a lot of work in the gym and on the driving range.

He is competing in the Evolve Tour, which started last week, and runs until March and his winter series ends with a four-day Pro/AM at PGA Catalunya in Barcelona.

Belt said: “During my time away, I will be based in the Costa Blanca for the first five weeks.

“It will be used mainly to ease my way back into tournament life and up my training regime off the course.

“This includes the continuation of my strength and conditioning programme, relative to my specific body and golf swing.

“I’ll be taking along my caddy Daniel Taylor who is also going to act as my nutritionist and fitness instructor.

“Having three months off tournaments can easily make you rusty, as proven by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods recently.”

The start of the season also sees Belt making crucial changes to his technique and other areas such as his mental strength.

He has scrutinised his putting technique and altered his swing, saying: “Significant changes have been introduced in all of these basic areas which really excites me for the season.”

But despite all his work to get in peak condition for the new season, the arrival of snow hampered his preparation.

Belt added: “With the weather being awful for golf a lot of my work has been done inside, mainly at the Zen Golf Academy in Sheffield where I use state-of-the-art technology.”

“My swing coach and I spend time indoors using mirrors and his driving range up in Middlesbrough, and at home I have created my own golf-specific gym where all my training is done.

“Ultimately I can’t avoid hitting balls so I spend a lot of time at Snainton Golf Centre.”

As well as changes to the physical side to his game, the De Vere club pro is also adapting the way he views the game mentally.

“I have always had goals at the start of the season, this year is slightly different.

“The aim for me is slightly different this season, which I have discussed with my psychologist in great detail.

“I’m getting closer to where I want to be each year, but sometimes having goals written down on the gym wall can unintentionally add a hidden pressure without being conscious of it.

“So in other words I guess I don’t have any result-orientated goals.

“As long as I can restart each tournament with a clear mind and cast aside the previous week’s result and performance, good or bad, then I’ll be happy.

“Golf has a tendency to have high points and low points, the best sportsmen and woman in the world have the ability to realise this but the difference between good and great is that they minimise theirs to smaller murmurs than the rest.

“This is one aspect of many that helps them to be consistent at high level performance.”

Throughout the year, his results can be viewed at and on his Twitter account @alexbeltdevere.

He again thanked his sponsors Lloyd Dowson, Nicholas Belt Estate Agency and Snainton Golf for all their continued support .