Back to winning ways in a high-scoring encounter

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Bridlington RUFC 39

Heath RUFC 31

Yorkshire One

THIS game was well worth watching, not just the fact that Bridlington won the game, but it was a good display of rugby on the field by both teams.

Bridlington kicked off the first half, then applied pressure on the Heath defence as they edged up the park.

Following an overthrown lineout, which was gathered by Ezra Luxton, Bridlington were awarded a penalty, Regan Stirk stepped up and successfully converted from the 40-metre line.

It was not long before Bridlington were again on the front foot. From their 22-metre line, Regan Stirk made a good run, offloading to Sizwe Zondo, then getting the ball back again a few metres later, he ran in for an unconverted try.

Heath were not to be outdone, as they marched their way up the field from the restart kick. A display of forward power followed as they continued to pick the ball and drive at the defence, finally driving over for a converted try.

Both teams seemed to settle down for a while as each had chances squandered as they made attacking progress.

Bridlington soon got the upper hand when Heath lost the ball forward in a tackle, the forwards drove over to secure the loose ball, then released Zondo, he made another good run, this time offloading to Gary Heeley, who was able to run in for a converted try.

Again both teams settled, each side putting many phases together without getting the final result of points on the board.

The referee eventually ended the half following a penalty to Bridlington which was kicked to touch.

At the start of the second half Heath drove time and again as the Bridlington defence, winning an early penalty, which was successfully kicked at goal.

Then before you could catch your breath, Heath secured the restart kick then put up a high ball, but unfortunately for them, Ryan Girking was able to gather the ball, making a great run through missed tackle attempts to score a try, but unfortunately the conversion kick hit the right hand upright.

The game had now turned into a fast and furious occasion, Heath’s stand-off made a great run himself from penalty awarded as Bridlington held on to the ball at the tackle, and he ran in for a converted try, out wide by the corner flag, which was converted.

Heath then caught the restart kick and kicked directly into touch, giving the home side a lineout inside Heath’s 22.

After a penalty from the lineout, taken quickly, the ball was given to James Thompson, who ran in for a converted try beneath the posts.

Bridlington again had good possession from the restart kick, Ali Sutton started the attack going with a good driving run, supported by his pack, but Heath managed to turn the ball over, to start an attack of their own.

Then disaster for Heath, attacking from a lineout on their 22, the ball was intercepted by Ryan Girking,

Bridlington forwards piled into the resultant ruck winning quick ball, Thompson made a good run before feeding Morgan Kinnaird,. He was stopped a metre short of the line by a great tackle, but Bridlington support was there very quick, a short pass to Heeley, to dive over for his second try of the match.

Heath won a scrum following the restart kick, but Bridlington scrum half Martin Robinson, stole the ball as it came out from the number eight’s feet, racing up field.

The ball was recycled by the forwards for the backs to attack, quick hands along the back line allowed Stevie Mellonby to score a converted try beneath the posts

Heath were able to mount attacks of their own towards the end of the second half, scoring two converted tries.

Then on their last attack they were awarded a penalty in range of the post, and an opportunity to get a bonus point for getting within seven points, but unfortunately this was not to be as the kick went wide.

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There is no game this weekend as Ripon have conceded the Yorkshire Shield match. The next home game will be on November 24 against Knottingley.