Archery club wiped out by £11,000 theft

Archers of Bridlingto and Burton Agnes equipment officer Pete Rollin at the cabin which was broken into.
Archers of Bridlingto and Burton Agnes equipment officer Pete Rollin at the cabin which was broken into.

A devastated archery club faces being out of action for months after its entire collection of bows and arrows was stolen.

The Archers Of Bridlington and Burton Agnes club’s storage compound was targeted early last week and the thieves made off with equipment worth around £11,000.

It means the club has had to suspend all its coaching courses, and visits by scouts and school groups, until it can replace its stock.

Pete Rollin, the club’s equipment officer and a former chairman, said: “It has taken the club years to build up this amount of equipment so we have sufficient equipment to cater for everyone.

“This is a sad day for the archers but we are taking every possible step to recover this equipment to enable us to continue with our work.”

The break-in occured overnight last Monday at the club’s premises in Burton Agnes. Police said the thieves forced a metal shutter from a pane of glass and smashed their way in.

The ABBA club say a vehicle must have been used to take such a large haul away, as it included around 60 bows.

Police confirmed a number of the stolen items were found between the scene and the vehicle used at the scene and the club has circulated details of the theft to the sport’s governing bodies and clubs nationwide.

Mr Rollin said: “It was a very secure metal container, but they have forced their way in and really gone to town.

“They have taken bows, arrows, quivers, finger tabs and arm guards, all the stuff we use for school visits and our have-a-go days for the public. They have cleaned us out basically.

“None of the members’ personal property has gone because they keep them at home but we’ve lost 60 bows and hundreds of arrows. I’m pretty sure it was planned, rather than a random attack.”

The club was insured, but has no idea of the timescale for getting a payout to buy replacement bows and arrows.

“We are insured but what we can claim back, I don’t know,” said Mr Rollin. “It feels like when your house gets burgled and all you can think of is ‘why me?’.

“As a rough guess at this stage, I think around £11,000 worth of stuff has gone and there is the damage to pay for on top of that.

“We have no idea how long it will take the insurance company to pay out and then we will have to re-order everything. It could be months.

“We started a new coaching course last week and that will have to be cancelled. Our schools programme is put on hold now.

“It is sickening. We are back to square one. I do all the buying and repairing and take pride in keeping it all in tip-top condition. We had built it up so we had plenty of good equipment for when schools, Guides and Scout groups visit us, and when we go to events at Sewerby Hall.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 and quote crime reference 2001086.