All three Bridlington boxers win their Yorkshire finals

Yorkshire champions Aaron Boyes, Kier Herrgesell and Zac Stabler
Yorkshire champions Aaron Boyes, Kier Herrgesell and Zac Stabler

BRIDLINGTON Boxing Club is celebrating a momentous hat-trick after three of their youngsters became Yorkshire champions at the weekend.

Aaron Boyes, Kier Herrgesell and Zak Stabler all won their finals at the Schoolboy Championships at Havercroft

The trio are now preparing for the national quarter finals in Liverpool later this month.

Delighted head coach Damien Grant told the Free Press: “They have all trained very hard for the bouts and, with a lot at stake and a big following going to watch them, there was a lot of pressure.

“But they all rose to the challenge and boxed the best they could have done.

“It is a fantastic achievement for the club, and the boxers themselves, to have three Yorkshire Champions and all into the national quarter finals.

“They have all had to box really tough opponents down the line to get where they are and have done extremely well.”

Herrgesell was first to box and had one of the toughest bouts of the day facing Pierce Gudgeon of the Steel City ABC based in Sheffield.

Both boxers started very cautiously and defended very well, and their tight guards meant that despite plenty of shots being thrown, the first round finished 0-0.

The second round was much of the same, however they did both start to open up a little in the later stages of the round and it finished perfectly poised at 1-1 with all to play for.

In the last round both boxers began working a lot harder. Early on in the round Herrgesell got caught with a good straight shot to the head but he soon tightened up again and finished with a tremendous flurry, mainly to the body.

After three rounds both corners felt they had done enough to win but the final score of 4-2 was read out in favour of the Bridlington boxer.

Next in the ring was Aaron Boyes who was against Brandon Stead from the City of Hull ABC.

Boyes was by far the more experienced boxer but Stead was no easy ride coming to the ring with only two defeats in eight contests.

Stead came out more cautiously than he had been seen to do so before and it was left to Boyes to set the pace.

He worked hard moving in and out of range well.

In the second half of the opening round Boyes upped the work rate and Stead was in trouble against the ropes forcing the referee to step in with an eight count.

The round finished with a score of 6-0 in Boyes’ favour.

During the second round Stead struggled with the work rate and pressure and began to hold on which prompted him getting two warnings from the referee.

Despite being held on to and dragged to the ground at one point, Boyes kept his cool and kept piling on the pressure.

At the end of the second round, he was 12-0 up, and during the last round, Stead continued to hold on and he got a third warning from the referee which meant he had to be disqualified meaning Boyes was crowned Yorkshire Champion.

The final Bridlington boxer into the ring was Zac Stabler. He was facing Jak Lazenby from Kingston ABC in Hull.

Stabler was once again the shorter boxer by a long way and was giving at least five inches in height away but this didn’t seem to bother him as he began working forward from the first bell.

Lazenby’s shots were weak and out of range allowing Stabler to easily get close to him.

At the end of the first round Stabler was 5-0 up.

Throughout the second round Stabler eased off a little giving Lazenby the chance to claw back a few points and he managed to land a very good shot which made Stabler’s nose bleed.

At the end of the second round Stabler was still up by 10 points to three.

By the time the last round started, Lazenby had really tired and Stabler upped the pressure landing lots of big blows.

The Hull lad, however, took these shots really well and managed to fire back a couple of his own.

The further into the round it went, the more confident Stabler became and he was managing to pick his opponent off with ease.

After three round of boxing Stabler was awarded the bout with a score of 18-5.

All three will go on to box at Everton in the national quarter finals on February 11.