Weather takes its toll again

The scene at Gypsey Road 10 days ago.
The scene at Gypsey Road 10 days ago.

FOOTBALLERS may have looked at the blue skies in Bridlington on Saturday afternoon and wondered why their match had been postponed.

Only one Driffield and District League match, in Pocklington, was played at the weekend, almost all junior football was wiped out and just a handful of games remained in the Humber Premier and East Riding County Leagues.

Norman Harris, secretary of the Driffield League, said: “Staff on duty at Bridlington Sports Centre make the decision.

“They walk the pitches on a Friday, and every Saturday morning, but usually if it is too wet on a Friday, there isn’t much chance it will get better by a Saturday afternoon.”

The decision to call off last weekend’s games at Gypsey Road was made late on Friday afternoon.

Mr Harris said: “The Sports Centre staff rang on Thursday but we decided to leave it another day before officially deciding.

“If games had been played last Saturday, it could have been mid-January or even later before they were playable again.

“Gypsey Road is not the best place for drainage at the best of times, with it being next to the beck.

“I am responsible for the Allotment lane pitches in Driffield and we called the fixtures off there on Friday. At Dukes Park, the grounds staff make the decision and that too was called off on Friday.

“We try to leave it as long as we can, and Sports Centre staff know that if they have any doubts, they can call a local referee who will pop down and have a look at the condition of the pitches.”

We asked on Facebook on Saturday: No local football today. Games were called off earlier in the week. The right decision? Let us know your thoughts.

Phil Robson: “No, not really should wait until Saturday morning before even contemplating calling them off.”

Luke Summerscales: “Possibly the wrong option as not likely to get any more football before mid January, so maybe could have played games this week as pitches would have time to repair.”

Lee Thomson: “Think it’s a tough call. I agree that under normal circumstances it should be a Saturday morning to call games off but standing water from last week never had chance to drain, then it was bad during the week too .

“I believe we should play evening games at the start of the season while still good light and then we can allow for bad weather.

“At this rate we will be lucky to get a game before Christmas and we are having a forced winter break.

“With the league increasing the size of divisions, we will be playing games for six points in May, it’s not ideal.

Lee Williamson: “No standing water on pitches. Wrong call for me.”

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