‘We will move on and learn from this’

Bridlington Town v Athersley Rec
Bridlington Town v Athersley Rec

The thoughts of Bridlington Town manager Gary Allanson after the 3-2 win over Athersley Recreation on Saturday.

“Well we had our usual great 75-to-80 minutes of a game and then nearly collapsed again, to be fair to this season’s team it happened exactly the same last season but without the smoke bombs and crowd trouble.

“The unfortunate thing after the game it felt like we had lost when we should have been celebrating a hard fought, disciplined win which ended a run of five games without a win.

“I thought it was scrappy until we scored the first goal then we played some good football, especially the second half where some of our football was really good to watch and we were very comfortable, cruising and creating chances.

“At 3-0 the game should have been dead and buried and it would have been a fantastic scoreline for us, ready to move on to the next stage. Then for whatever reason, whether it is fitness, loss of concentration or a culmination of both, we end up putting ourselves under enormous pressure by letting two really sloppy goals in and we end up hanging on against a team with only 10 men.

“Everybody makes mistakes but it is how we recover, react and how we look after each other.

“We are all in this together and we will get through this together, we have a great group with great attitudes and the really good thing is that the players care and are hurt so that was the real positive that came out after the game.

“We will move on and learn from this together, we will all take things on board, analyse where we think it went wrong and try and put it right, but we will not be creating a blame culture or point fingers.

“Things are said in the heat of the moment but we listen and move on. We want to have an open changing room where we can share our problems and put it right.

“We need to have a squad of winners to get us to the next level, we are not far off but we need to learn quickly of how to close games and sometimes you have to do the ugly side and work hard, close down and compete.

“Hopefully we can learn from this and keep getting games played and points on the board and keep moving up the table as we want to finish as high as possible this season and put the foundations down ready for next season.