Town’s style is a return to the good old days

Bridlington Town v Athersley Rec
Bridlington Town v Athersley Rec

Tuesday night’s win over Athersley Recreation was a return to the traditional Bridlington ‘style’ accoridng to manager Gary Allanson.

He admitted that in recent weeks, he had feared his side were close to becoming a ‘typical non-league team’, but the midweek display definitely had the stamp of a team bearing his ethos.

Allanson said: “The game was a great advertisement for football. We had to be very patient and for the first 10 or 15 minutes, we were trying to force things too much, but gradually we wore them down by the intensity we showed of passing the ball.

“Once that first goal went in we relaxed more and got more and more confident on the ball. Our quality was very good on the ball and it had to be because of the way they set up. Having 10 players behind the ball makes it very difficult, but we kept our shape and our discipline and the players worked out how to break them down by moving the ball quick and using the whole pitch to probe and wait for the openings.

“Every player played their part last night and they showed a trust and bravery of wanting to get on the ball. Ash Allanson was particularly impressive, he is fitter and sharper than he has been for two or three years and his last three performances have been excellent.

“Duka has been a real threat after his return from suspension and oozes pace and we have found a position for him that he really enjoys and is always involved. Sometimes we forget he is still only 18 and Will Waudby is only 17 and he works very hard for the team.

“Our confidence is starting to build now and hopefully we can continue to pick up points and move up the table to a position where we belong.”