Town fans’ walk raises £1,000

Lea Houlihan, Roger Knight, Luke Stockdale and Joe Morland
Lea Houlihan, Roger Knight, Luke Stockdale and Joe Morland

FOUR football fans hope to have raised £1,000 by walking from Beverley Minster to Bridlington Town’s final league game of the season.

The Seasiders supporters, Lea Houlihan, Roger Knight, Luke Stockdale and Joe Morland, set off as the bells chimed at 5.45am on Saturday.

They walked the 25 miles to the Queensgate stadium, arriving just 15 minutes before kick off, and collecting a four figure sum to be shared between the football club and Bridlington lifeboat.

Roger said: “We were all in high spirits at the first mile marker , and I had been left a message of good luck outside my friend’s house with a bottle of water .

“Lea’s jokes kept us all feeling good and we arrived at Brandesburton at 9am with no problems, but at this point it started to get tougher as the paths disappeared and we had to start walking on grass verges.

“We got to Warley Cross cafe and had a quick stop for bacon butties.

“The stretch to Beeford went faster than everyone thought and at this point the chat turned to the game.

“We reached Beeford at 11am and me and Lea had to sort our boots out and Lea was starting to get blisters.

“Everyone was still in good spirits and feeling OK when we got to Lissett, but soon I was beginning to cramp up badly.

“We only had about five minutes of rain throughout so our main worry was reaching Queensgate for kick-off.

“I was really struggling towards the end but Lea, Joe and Luke kept me going.

“Carnaby roundabout to Broadacres has never seemed so long but we reached the ground at 2.45pm.

“The seats at Queensgate have never felt so comfortable and the best bit would be the welcome we received when we got into the clubhouse and ground, with so many people shaking our hands, telling us well done.

“We hope to have raised about £1,000 – £500 for the football club and £500 for Bridlington Lifeboat.”

Picture by Dominick Taylor