Town boss: ‘We were naive’

Pickering Town 4 Bridlington Town 3
Pickering Town 4 Bridlington Town 3

The thoughts of Bridlington Town manager Gary Allanson after the late 4-3 defeat at Pickering Town.

“We were all gutted, distraught, disappointed with the result on Saturday and the emotions were running high after the game in the dressing room and we have to be really careful what we say and don’t be blinded by the emotions.

“On reflection, there was some harsh words said but we will discuss this at training this week because overall, when you put it into perspective, we have done well.

“Before the game we were missing Tom Fleming who was serving his last game of a two-match ban, Ryan Nicholls who has a long-term injury and Duka, who was away with family, so we knew it was going to be difficult for us.

“But to be 2-0 up and then 3-2 up with seven minutes to go we should never have lost the game.

“We started the game really well and really put them onto the back foot and gaining a penalty in the first couple of minutes, unfortunately we missed this but we kept creating chances and, as we have said in previous weeks, we need to start putting these away.

“It always seem to come back and haunt us and we seem to concede goals in the last five minutes of games and this has happened in 10 games this season.

“I thought we were comfortable and 3-0 at half time would have been an honest scoreline, but we went in at 1-0. Craig Hogg was a constant threat and it was probably his best game of the season and it was no surprise when he scored his and our second goal on the hour.

“Unfortunately he had to come off soon after injured and with Danny Brunton coming off just before half time we had lost two very experienced players and I think this showed with a little naivety and panic creeping in especially when they scored two goals in three minutes to bring it back to 2-2.

“But we managed to get a third and being honest we looked comfortable again and missed a couple of half chances to get a fourth.

“When I reflect on the game and what was said after the game it is easy to look for excuses and blame situations and players, but sometimes you have to look in the mirror at yourself and be honest and I think I could have changed it tactically so I showed my naivety.

“We should have gone tighter in midfield and be a lot more difficult to break down, especially when Jarrod Smalley came off injured.

“We had square pegs in round holes, we have some good players at the minute and we need to look after them in the right way so they will stick with us and move the club forward together.

“On reflection I let them down badly on Saturday and take full responsibility for that. We finished the game with a 17 and 18-year-old inexperienced players in the full back positions and I should have protected them a lot more with better tactical decisions.

“Credit to Pickering they never stopped working and stuck together and defended like Trojans.

“At the moment we are having a poor run where we haven’t won in five games and haven’t kept a clean sheet in six, so we need to turn this round fairly quickly but we will only get this by working hard together.

“I believe in these players, they are young and hungry and want to progress and I think there is a good run of results waiting to happen, we just need to get a bit more confidence.”