Town already planning for the new season

Bridlington Town
Bridlington Town

Their season only finished last week, but Bridlington Town are already putting pieces of the jigsaw in place for the 2015/16 campaign.

Days after winning the East Riding Senior Cup final at the KC Stadium in Hull, the club has confirmed its management structure for the next 12 months.

Town chairman Peter Smurthwaite with the East Riding Senior cup trophy and Leon the Lion

Town chairman Peter Smurthwaite with the East Riding Senior cup trophy and Leon the Lion

Wayne Lewis will become assistant manager on a permanent basis, while coaches Steve Mulligan and Nick Baxter have committed to another season in their roles.

Manager Gary Allanson said: “My first priority was to get the right backroom staff into place who all have the same ideas and think the same as me, so we can make the foundations solid with no cracks appearing.

“Wayne Lewis has accepted the assistant manager’s role. In the few weeks that he has been involved, he has brought a stability to the team, earned the respect of the players and the whole atmosphere within the dressing room and on the training ground has become more relaxed,.

“This has enabled the players to flourish and enjoy their football more.

Gary Allanson and Ash Allanson

Gary Allanson and Ash Allanson

“I have known Wayne for a lot of years and he was a good player in his own right and has a great understanding of the game.

“He also loves Bridlington Town after playing for them in a very successful era, and will be a great asset to me but also to the club.

“Steve Mulligan has accepted the role as first team coach and, along with Wayne, since his return has brought a stability to the team and again is well respected by the players.

“He puts fantastic sessions on and has a brilliant manner with the players, again a good player in his own right, and is highly qualified and always coaches to the highest standard.

“Danny Brunton will continue to be part of the management team and will continue playing and also look after the physio and fitness of the players.

“Danny will have a big part to play this season.

“Nick Baxter will be the goalkeeping coach and also the back-up goalkeeper.

“Nick is another one who loves the club and has played a big part in our success this season. especially the latter part when he has been able to commit more.

“I will be working very closely with these guys so we can continue to build on our success of this season, along with Ash Allanson, Tom Fleming, Chris Jenkinson and Craig Hogg who have already committed to next season and will play a big part of bringing the younger players on with their fantastic experience at this level

“The majority of this season’s squad have said they are staying but until the ink is dry on the forms we cannot take anything for granted.

“We are speaking to a number of players but the competition is severe this season and players are holding out until they have spoken to all other clubs, but on the back of that, players are also getting in contact to come down after seeing our performance in the cup final and seeing the type of football we play.

“There seems to be a real feel-good factor around the club at the moment and we need to keep this momentum going off the pitch, as well as on it.”