Should football mind its language?

Bridlington Town v Heanor Town
Bridlington Town v Heanor Town

Is bad language part and parcel of going to watch a football match?

Or should more be done to clamp down on swearing on the pitch and on the touchline, to make the experience more family-friendly?

Bridlington Town supporter Edgar Scott contacted the Free Press to say the amount of swearing at Saturday’s game against Heanor Town was unacceptable.

He said: “There was one character there with the away team and his language was shocking.

“The goalkeeper was effing and blinding too and some of the supporters I was with were complaining about the swearing.

“One of the players told some of the others to stop swearing, but he couldn’t do that without swearing himself.

“It was much worse than normal. I felt sorry for spectators who maybe hadn’t been before, having to hear bad language constantly.

“I wouldn’t take my grandchildren because I wouldn’t have liked them to hear the language.

“It’s not what I go to watch football for.

“You can’t stop supporters doing it but the officials should be able to stop the players and officials.”

Professional clubs can set up ‘family areas’ in stadia, and have plenty of stewards on hand to patrol them, but it is not practical for non-league clubs to do the same.

Also, the language on the pitch and on the touchline, can be heard more easily when there is a crowd of 100 rather than when there are 10,000 watching.