Local rivals put on a good show

Burlington Jackdaws v Flamborough under 9s
Burlington Jackdaws v Flamborough under 9s

A tough test for Burlington Jackdaws U9 against the local Flamborough side.

Captain Spencer Harper and Ryan Bemrose started the game in defence. The pair made some brilliant clearances with one off the line from Harper to deny a goal scoring opportunity for Flamborough.

Burlington Jackdaws v Flamborough under 9s

Burlington Jackdaws v Flamborough under 9s

Lucas Parker and James Langton played on the wings, improving week after week, winning the ball back and playing it forward.

Stanley Hewitt had a great chance dribbling the ball from half way but the Flamborough defence cleared it for a corner.

Isaac Grimson played up front for the first half, he had some chances but the Flamborough defence where strong and closed down the ball well.

The second half saw Charlie Benson come on up front and scored the first goal of the game to put the Jackdaws 1-0 ahead. It came from a strike from Bailey Bennet which was followed up by Benson.

Grimson and Owen Grainger played alongside Bennet working hard to get the ball up and down the pitch. Flamborough also played well and managed to pull the score back to 1-1.

Kornel Misciur made some outstanding saves throughout the game where he was assisted by Harper and Billy Ripley in defence also making clearances when needed.

Grainger scored the winning goal of the game with a strike into the top corner of the goal.

Man of the match: James Langton

The second game was a tough 0-0 draw with both teams working hard up and down the pitch until the end.

Hewitt and Benson played in defence for the first half making some brilliant decisions of when and where to clear the ball. Lucas Parker, Ryan Bemrose and Langton played a pivotal part in the game getting the ball from defence to attack.

Grimson waited high up the pitch doing his bit to get back and defend when needed.

The main chance of the first half came from Hewitt who made a run from defence and managed to have a shot which was saved by the keeper.

The second half saw Bennet come on up front after being in goal for the first half making some brilliant saves. Grimson moved into the left of midfield alongside Hewitt and Grainger who all played really well, working hard with the ball but also tracking back and defending when they didn’t have possession.

Harper and Ripley held strong in defence and kept the clean sheet.

Man of the match: Kornel Misciur