Harrison’s eight-mile challenge is a great success

Harrison Grainger sets off on his 8 mile sponsored walk
Harrison Grainger sets off on his 8 mile sponsored walk

Harrison Grainger’s great ‘eight’ challenge raised more than £400 for his junior football club.

The eight-year-old completed his eight-mile sponsored walk in glorious sunshine on Sunday, having been inspired to raise money in memory of his late grandmother.

Her birthday fell on the 8th, and Harrison wears number eight for Burlington Jackdaws, so he set himself the task of thinking up a sponsored event related to the significant number.

He set off from the Friendly Forester pub and headed all around Bridlington.

Dad Paul, who joined him on the walk, said: “My plan was to keep him talking and take his mind off what he was undertaking.

“We got our first donation in his bucket on the corner of Mill Lane from a nice lady out getting her morning paper,.

“We walked along Well Lane bypass and were met by friends who added to his total. The walk continued and when we reached Kingsgate, my friend Rob Johnson treated him with an ice lolly and some sweets and a donation which perked him up.

“We carried on and reached the seafront and then the donations started to come more often with people asking what he was raising money for which went down well and they praised his efforts,

“After a short rest by the harbour, we pushed on and for the rest of the journey we talked a lot about what he wanted to do next year and he was determined to top this effort.

“He did ask why we where having to raise money and I had to explain that not many companies now are willing to sponsor teams like they used to which is a shame and he agreed.

“A quick leg rub was needed on the clifftop near Limekin Lane and after that we could see the finish line approaching.

“He was met by his cousins and brother who ran to meet him, which gave him the final push he needed to reach the finish line, where his super proud mum, who was beaming from ear to ear, was waiting with other family members and one of his team mates Corey Reen.”

Harrison finished the day by going to the cliff top to release the balloons in memory of his grandma having attached notes to them.

The total collected through donations on the day and sponsorship pledges is £421.10 which it is hoped will buy a new kit for the Jackdaws club.